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Another Facebook Ban

Posted on by Eggy

I received another 30 day ban from Facebook lols -_- It's pretty annoying with Facebooks algorithm that if you have been banned before, it always resorts to 30 days every time. What did I do wrong? well I used the word "Whore" and that's it. Someone insulted me, I called them a whore, and I'm the one that gets banned? ridiculous! It seems once you have been banned before they don't even review it anymore, they just instant ban you. 

At first it seems good because I'm spending less time on Facebook, however the main problem is that it also bans you from the msger app which is what I use to contact people. So I currently have a bunch of people thinking I'm ignoring them, when really I just can't reply. It taunts you because you can see that they have msged you and read it but I can't type back. It's like being behind a thick wall of glass. 

What pisses me off is that people can say demeaning things about people, but as long as it falls in the "politically correct" way of insulting you, they can't be touched. Yet if I so much as reply, and get one report I'm out. It's like those type of girls in school that would dob you in for anything, no one in the class likes that person, but because they dob you in you have to be very careful around them. I hate those type of people. Goody too shoes. 

Oh well in the meantime, at least I'm spending less time on there. So I deactivated my account for a little while. 

Facebook Ban
Banned from Facebook :O