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Lately I have been getting into cryptocurrency and I have learned a lot. I started with a very small amount of investment and it's been growing pretty well each day. I highly suggest starting up some of the sites below. They offer bonuses like free Crypto on sign up or deposits. I also am working on an Eggy's Games crypto coin that will be used in my future games. A lot of exciting changes to come. I share a lot of information on what coins to invest in on my social media channels or you can message me. 

Cryptocurrency Coins


Coinspot Eggys Games

Coinspot is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that offers $10 free bitcoin to new users that sign up and make a deposit of any amount. Great for new people starting out wanting something simple and easy to use and provides a bonus even depositing as little as $5

Phoneum Eggys Games

Phoneum has a bunch of mobile games that give you free crypto for playing them. You earn PHT, Wink, Bittorrent and some others. Pretty cool and fun to play. Enter in my code "k9mayqgh" to get yourself free PHT when you sign up.

Blockifi Eggys Games

Blockfi lets you earn interest on your cryptocurrency. Very awesome if you are looking for a cryptocurrency bank account. You earn higher interest rates than a bank too. Stable coins start at 9% APR. Sign up with my link here to get $10 free bitcoin after you have $100 of crypto in your account.

Coinbase Eggys Games

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange available to all countries. They are now listed on the stock exchange. They also give free cryptocurrency when completing their earn tutorials which is cool! you also get $10 bonus after $100 deposit. Eggys Games

                                         $80 CRO is a major player in the game that offers you an eftpos card if you stake more than $500 worth of CRO. You also unlock around $80 worth of free CRO for doing this. It's an amazing site with many different offers and ways to earn.

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