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Welcome to Eggy's Games. The home of everything made and released by Eggy's Games. 30+ Games, NFT's, Youtubes, Crypto and more!

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Eggys Games NFT

I released and minted my own NFT of a collection of all my flash games in one picture. You can purchase it at Rarible here. Its the foundation of my company in one picture.

Places to buy Cryptocurrency

The sites on the left are all places you can purchase cryptocurrency. Using my referral link will give us both bonuses if you sign up and make a deposit. I highly recommend these sites. even gives a crypto ATM card!


Cryptocurrency - EggCoin

Eggy's Games has officially released their own cryptocurrency. It is worth real money! it's now available on the Tron blockchain and you can have it directly in your wallet. It's very simple to get going. EggCoin will be available in future games allowing you to make in game purchases and even withdraw your eggs for real money. This will allow you to earn while playing and spend it on your favourite items! Read the guide below on how to get setup.

Cryptocurrency Coins

How to buy EggCoin

1. Install a Tronlink wallet on Mobile or Browser -

2. Send some Tron into your Tronlink wallet from an exchange of your choice like Coinspot, Swyftx or Coinbase

2. Go to SunSwap on mobile/PC using your Tronlink wallet. -

3. Click select a token and paste in the egg coin contract address -


4. Swap Tron for Egg coin or swap your egg coin back for Tron. 

5. Add EggCoin to your wallet display by pressing the + symbol. 


Showing a swap of 5 Tron to 23,771 EggCoin


A screenshot of Tronlink displaying EGG coin!

Frequently asked questions

  • How to get Tron into my Tronlink wallet?
    You need to be signed up to an exchange to purchase Tron with your bank/card. Signing up on any exchange like Coinbase, purchasing some and then sending to your Tronlink wallet address is the simplest.

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  • Will EggCoin moon?
    We hope so! Mobile gaming is a big market with in game transactions. Allowing a cryptocurrency to be used as in game currency is very huge for the gaming sector.
  • How can I support the project?
    Adding liquidity in the JustSwap pool helps more people access it. Sharing news, telling everyone you can to purchase and hodl! this will help spread the coin and have a snowball effect. Tell everyone you know about Eggcoin!
  • What games will it be in?                        
    Our goal is to make a game called Dopamine Eggs. An idle game that earns you eggs every day. By doing so you can have fun playing the game earning in game eggs and then swap them for real money at any time.
  • Where can I view more info on price/liquidity/trades etc?
Cryptocurrency EggCoin

Eggcoin to the moon!

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