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About Me

Hi my names Bradley Erkelens. I've been making games for over 10+ years now. Every game you see on this website I have made. Most of my earlier games are made in Flash, however I've now moved onto Unity and Mobile Games. Over this time I've learned a lot of lessons about programming, game design, art, animation, sound, game theory and more. It all started off in school making simple stick animations and I eventually decided to start making a living off it. It hasn't been an easy road, but I am proud of every game I've ever made and I hope you have fun playing them.

If you want to contact me about publishing, advice or general questions of any sort you can reach me by email here -

Can I use your games on my website? 

Yes you may, in fact I encourage it. The more my games are played the better. As long as you do not tamper with the file and remove any of my logos or branding as this is what brings me revenue and is my signature of my work.

What do you use to make your games and how do I get it? 

I used Flash up until 2017. You can download a free trial on the adobe website, Unity is also free from their website. All the games from Arcalona and before are Flash games. However I now use Unity. Eggys Big Adventure and up are Unity made games. 

How long does it take too make a game? 

Depends on how often I work, I usually get one done in a month if working straight, but I'm sure if I stopped playing so many games I could get it done sooner.

Where do you get your ideas from? 

By thinking outside the box. Playing other games. By trying to make what you WANT to make. By watching things, learning from everything and simply experimenting with art, design and programming.

The Future? 

Keep making games for as long as I can! Wether it be a hobby or a job.