Eggys Games


Feel free too add me too skype, I'm on heaps and like chatting to new people, unless you pester me heaps and are an annoying little kid who "TLKS LIEK DIS LOL" 

Email : Eggy55555 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I'm Eggy, or you may call me Bradley. I am the owner of this here fine establishment. I'm usually drunk and yelling at rats, but If I'm not doing that I sometimes get on my computer and make a Game. 

Can I use your games on my website? 

Yes you may, in fact I encourage it! 

What do you use to make your games and how do I get it? 

I used Flash up until 2018. All the games from Arcalona and before are Flash games. However I now use Unity. Eggys Big Adventure and up are Unity made games. 

Will you help me learn Flash pleaseeee? 

If you visit the websites forum you will see I've posted tutorials and resources on how to make your own game. 

Can I build a 10 foot statue of you? 

You most certainly can. 

How long does it take too make a game? 

Depends on how often I work, I usually get one done in a month if working straight, but I'm sure if I stopped playing so many games and dancing on corner streets I could do it in a few weeks. 

Where do you get your ideas from? 

By thinking outside the box. Playing other games. By trying to make what you WANT to make. 

Can it be hugs tiem now plz? 


The Future? 

Keep making games for as long as I can! Wether it be a hobby or a job.