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Working on Zombie Game for Mobile and PC

I'm working on a new zombie game in Unity. The only other shooter I've done like this before was The Infection. So it's fun being able to get into a shooter again. So far I've got the shooting working with raycasts, the zombies explode out blood and gore that will bounce around, like little brains and gooey bits. Who doesn't love carnage eh? 

The game will also feature a weapon shop with a lot of weapons. The idea will be surviving for as long as you can as the waves get harder and harder. However I'm going to mix it up by making the level have a lot of traps around to use on the zombies. 

Don't forget I also released recently my first Unity game Eggys Big Adventure for Web Player and Android

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Eggys Death Chamber In Making

A new game is in the works called Eggy's Death Chamber! Eggy, AKA, Me. Will be trying my damn best to kill you with a bunch of eggs. It's gonna be up to you to survive. Theres gonna be a lot of types of eggs and upgrades too. Should be a fun game!

Also got a 2nd job working at the BP Servo, which is great. Means I can work APL at nights and then random hours of BP around them, usually at night time. Having more money is allowing me to get a lot more done and work on my games without any financial stress. Which is one of the biggest stresses in life we have!

I'm also going to be putting a bit more effort into Eggy's Games this year. So make sure you bookmark the website! OR ELSE AN EGG NINJA WILL BE DEPLOYED TO YOUR HOUSE. Trust me, you don't want that.

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My next game is called Redemption, though the name might change later, hence the title of this post having or is it on it. Heh. If you check the Eggy's Games Facebook page you'll see a cool cover picture of the game. (Subtle hint that you should like the FB page) It's a sidescroller shooter with destructible ground that I use a lot. It's sorta become my thing now, I really love working with bitmap in Flash. I always like to see what kind of new thing I can do with it. This game is a bit bigger again. It's in the style of The infection but this time it's with stick figures and focus's more on upgrading as you go. I just seem to love the classic stick figure stuff still, so I wanna do it proper tribute with a nice shooting game but adding a little extra twist. So far it's going well and should be done in a little while.

In other news, after this game I'm going to upgrade and learn Actionscript 3. So hopefully my games will start being in that and should hopefully improve in the programming plus I can make the jump to doing mobile games easier. 

Heres a screenshot of the engine so far

Silly Chicken
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