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Another Facebook Ban

I received another 30 day ban from Facebook lols -_- It's pretty annoying with Facebooks algorithm that if you have been banned before, it always resorts to 30 days every time. What did I do wrong? well I used the word "Whore" and that's it. Someone insulted me, I called them a whore, and I'm the one that gets banned? ridiculous! It seems once you have been banned before they don't even review it anymore, they just instant ban you. 

At first it seems good because I'm spending less time on Facebook, however the main problem is that it also bans you from the msger app which is what I use to contact people. So I currently have a bunch of people thinking I'm ignoring them, when really I just can't reply. It taunts you because you can see that they have msged you and read it but I can't type back. It's like being behind a thick wall of glass. 

What pisses me off is that people can say demeaning things about people, but as long as it falls in the "politically correct" way of insulting you, they can't be touched. Yet if I so much as reply, and get one report I'm out. It's like those type of girls in school that would dob you in for anything, no one in the class likes that person, but because they dob you in you have to be very careful around them. I hate those type of people. Goody too shoes. 

Oh well in the meantime, at least I'm spending less time on there. So I deactivated my account for a little while. 

Facebook Ban
Banned from Facebook :O
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One thing I hate more than anything in this entire planet... is eczema. I was born with it very badly and lived through a bit of hell from it. I'd scratch myself to sleep every night and go to school the next day tired every day. Teachers always glared at me for being tired thinking I stayed up playing video games cause I was lazy. The irony was they were right and wrong at the same time. I did stay up playing video games, cause if I went to bed I'd be scratching. 

Games as a kid to play kept my hands off my skin from scratching, kept my attention, learn't things and made me happier. Maybe thats what left me with all these ideas now to make them. Taking it a step up.

I'm writing about it now cause It's the hardest part of my life, I'm now 23 and still haven't grown out of it even though all doctors said I would. I eat super healthy, and must avoid cats, dogs, sugar, and a million other triggers. It's so painful sometimes I can't move my mouth. Once it clears up though for certain times of the year, I'm so happy and pain free. I enjoy these months to the fullest!

To anyone else out there with eczema, I feel your pain. Literally. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. Yet the irony is maybe I wouldn't making games if I didn't have it and would have went outside more. Hardest puzzle level of my life that question :P

~ I keep my posts brutally honest, theres no point sugar coating in these posts, people wanna know the real life story, not some excuses and boring posts vaguely mentioning why. Plus it's like a diary. ~

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Asian and Indian Helpline People

So my internet was dying today due to random stupid reasons of crap, and then you know what you have to do when you’re down to your last options….thats right. Ring a fucking helpline. About as much fun as bobbing for cyanide tablets.

Now even when you get a person that can speak ENGLISH they’re still a pain in the ass and take forever, it’s like service dumbed down for apes on heroin. You say straight out, ok look I’ve checked the wires and the lights are all on thats not the problem so lets move on. What do they say? No sir we must check everything properly. Now first. Is the power light on the modem green?


So you go through that boring shit and thats bad enough till they fix the problem by just resetting your fucking internet which is what they should have done in the first place.

But then, thats a good phone call. Then you get the people that have such a heavy accent that you wanna scream. You have to ask them to repeat everything 10 times. I’m not racist about this. Seriously, it has nothing to do with there race, it has to do with there voice. If you get a plain ol white english person and I can’t understand him either. I would be wishing his vocal chords into the fires of hell just like the rest of them.

Best option as people say? Just hang up on them as soon as you hear if they’re asian or indian, but then you have to ring up again, and again. It’s like playing lucky dip with telstra.

Oh you gots a number 3 out of the barrel? Ren U Gets RASIAN RACENT lololol

Fuck you helplines.

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Old Guy

When we were up on holiday in Darwin. This old guy comes into the parking lot to park, he drives forward and sees a trolley at the end of his parking spot, he didn’t need to move it, but he gets out of his car and moves it anyway.

Then he drives forward into the parking spot and keeps going and hits the car parked in front….uh oh you moronic old guy.

He gets out, looks at his car pushing into the car in front and he then just walks off, he doesn’t even bother to move his car backwards to stop his car denting into the other one……My god.


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