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Pacific Rim Uprising Review

The new Pacific Rim Uprising movie is out and it is awesome. What more can you ask for? Giant aliens vsing giant robot mechs! Thats what it's all about right? 

It's the sequel from the first Pacific Rim. They are both great. The first shows how the Kaiju come through the breech, a portal between the alien world and earth. As the giant Kaiju get worse and bigger, they make the giant mechs to fight them. It's really interesting in the fact it takes 2 pilots to use because connecting the brain to a giant robot overloads the brain, so it takes 2 brains to handle the neural load. Even more interesting is the fact they share all there memories once connected and can get lost in a memory quite easily.

The 2nd improved on the first hugely. Not only were the battles better but the storyline developed further and we were introduced to a bigger variety of mechs. One thing that bugged me about the first is they mostly used their fists and not many weapons, I thought why? Why wouldn't they just use the rockets and guns first? surely thats more effective. The 2nd solves this by making the mechs have a lot bigger arsenel. 

10/10 fully recommend you see both movies now.

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Black Panther Review

Black Panther was an awesome new superhero movie released. I've gotta say Marvel movies are really outdoing themselves lately. I really recommend seeing it. Not only does it blend a great storyline with awesome action, but the visuals are great too. 

The only thing lacking was perhaps his use of the claws seemed way too similar to wolverines. I'm guessing that's why they weren't used too much. 


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Ready Player One

I recently watched Ready Player One and I loved it. As a game developer it explored lots of different games, their characters and even the journey the game developer went through in making the virtual reality world. It was a mix between gaming and The Matrix. 

Seeing the The Iron Giant in it filled me with nostaglia too. I used to watch it a lot as a kid. I won it in a colour in competition by colouring in every part of the giant a different colour. 

If you like games and sci-fi I highly recommend this movie. It has a bit of everything in it that you will love. The storyline is good, it mixes real life and gaming life perfectly and remains accurate to gamers.


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