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Lately Its Just

I'm moving outta home in 3 weeks or so (AGAIN) Which the good news is I'll have to make much more games since I'll be paying rent and food. Gar, bills! argghhh, laundry?! noo. Dishes!? GAY. But a kick in the butt is probably what I need so it will be good. Plus I'm moving in with my other flash friend Drew who I work with sometimes like The Infection. So we should start getting lots done. I hope, maybe. 

Besides that my new game is close to done but stalled from general life crap lately. Like Christmas! god I hate it. Waste of time and money. I'd rather be playing video games then having to sit around with family. Gosh! Just HORRIBLE! DON'T THEY REALISE I HAVE ZOMBIES TO KILL!

Another thing is my Eczema has been bad. It's pretty much my lifelong curse to balance out my awesomeness. I've had it since birth and get it pretty much as bad as you can. Though I guess it kept me indoors which led to gaming and game making, so in a way it had one good outcome. It's so sore currently though on my neck that I can't turn it cause it hurts too much from the redness after I scratched it :(

Ho Ho Ho, Merry fucking christmas.

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