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Australian Poker League

What a crazy year it's been. I moved to Perth and got a job with Australian Poker League and it's been great! I've never been happier, it's weird. I'm meeting so many new people every day and making new friends, cute girls and poker players.

I even get to work in the strip club twice a week running poker tournaments getting paid to look at boobs! Incredible! I also work nights which allows me to work on a bigger game slowly.

Happy 2015!!

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New Year

It was a pretty good start to the year for me. I went out and had lots of fun. Went to the beach a fair bit too and made some new friends. Hence haven't been on the computer much, but now it's the new year I'm gonna update way more again and hopefully with some more interesting flash things to learn. Also have some stuff this year on my to do list like The Unfair Platformer 2 and my egg domination game. 

Merry Christmas 
Happy New Years
Happy Worship Eggy Day

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5 Life Lessons

Theres 5 life lessons I can tell you that you're going to have to accept at one stage or another or else you'll never move on with your life to the next stage. They may not be the most important but they are what comes to mind for me at the moment. 

1. No one can ever hit you as hard as life can
2. The only way to reach your dream goals is by failing many times
3. Everyone is addicted to something
4. Creativity is not about being crazy or having a vivid imagination 
5. The key to happiness is all in your head

1. No one can ever hit you as hard as life can

You might have heard this saying before without ever really grasping what it really means. I know I did for a long time. The thing is were all so scared of what someone might say to us or how they might judge us. Sure at the time it hurts when they say something mean, but in my experience after many disagreements and fights with people I've learnt that the words they say will never hurt you anywhere near as much as you can hurt yourself by beating yourself up over what life has done to you. To put it simply, it doesn't matter what others think of you because you yourself have the ability to hurt yourself the most.

You could have someone insult you and rip you apart in front of a crowd of people and it will never ever hurt you as much as being behind in bills, not knowing what career to pursue and wondering if you'll ever get a girlfriend. These things eat away at the soul more than a persons insults can ever do. So next time you're afraid of what someone might think of you, forget it. Nothing they do or say about you will ever hurt you as much as you yourself can by worrying and making yourself depressed every day by simply thinking it. You have to soldier on and have belief things will get better. 

2. The only way to reach your dream goals is by failing many times

So you're a young adult in your 20s, you may have left university/college and are now realising what life is all about. Now the biggest problem all your life is you look up to certain people, usually celebrities. Now usually we arn't aware of a celebrity until they reach there goal in life. Usually this is around 28-35, yet we beat ourselfs up earlier for not having reached that goal while were younger. You've got to remember they didn't just become a world wide sensation without all the past failures. They had some success that usually paved there way onwards sure, but it was not as groundbreaking as you may think. It's all mental. You need to prepare to make mistakes. Instead of thinking of them as mistakes think of them as "I now know not to do it this way" I've made a lot of games that have been failures, but I just move on to the next one. I realise that is just a lesson to teach me that idea wasn't good or had some mistakes to learn from.

3. Everyone is addicted to something

Your first thought is drugs. This isn't what I mean. It can be many other innocent things besides harmful addictions such as gaming, women, food, internet or even comic books. This is an interesting concept that I only ever realised the patterns after doing drugs. After doing many addictive drugs in my life and seeing the patterns of addicts. I realised the same patterns normal people show with there hobbies is in fact no different then an addict. It may not be as harmful or as bad for your health but it will still impact that persons life in such a way they think about it more then they will let on. If you can find that persons addiction then you can control that person. It's hard to explain but everyone has that one thing. Even the most depressed people that say they hate everyone theres always one thing that person loves without realising they treat it as an addiction. I'm not saying they are equal to drugs, but I can certainly say that sometimes its hard to tell the difference between there behaviour. People can even be addicted to sorrow. They purposely beat themselfs up to feel that self loathing feeling because it makes them feel deeper than there current feelings. 

4. Creativity is not about being crazy or having a vivid imagination 

I get this a lot about my games and writing. "Omg you're so creative and imaginative, you must have so much going on in your head" Argh bleh. Even though it's true I daydream a lot it's not usually about the things I'm going to work on. Creativity in itself isn't just a talent, it's also a skill. If you learn to just jump in your mind to any topic from another and combine them together for fun that is creative. I take anything I WISH to be real and I try make it a reality. Only 1% of what I imagine will become part of my game/story but by at least making the effort it comes across as really creative. Creativity is just as much about fixing up your idea and making it viable as it is imagination. I spend most the time making my idea workable and presentable to people than I do coming up with it. You have to get good at making anything you come up with presentable and thats the key. Take something that is really hard to implement and than try implement it and then all of a sudden bang you have creativity just by the fact you tried to do something that was hard to do.

5. The key to happiness is all in your head

Every day we convince ourselfs that if we had "X" we would be happy. The lonely guys think if they had a girlfriend they'd be happy. The poor people think they need money. The ignored people think they need attention and fame. The determined people need success and so forth and so forth. The secret to the human brain is that once you reach your goal it will make new goals and make you feel like you are back to level one, or starting from scratch. It's cruel isn't it? even once you reach that pinnacle of ecstasy your brain will then move the bar further higher. That's how it works. The key to happiness always seem to be reaching our goals but it's not about that. Happiness comes from one thing, being content with your current situation. Tough isn't it? that's why the richest people are unhappy and the poor people are not. Rich people are used of buying more and more things to make them happy so they are always chasing being content. Poor people have to learn to accept what they have and deal with it. They eventually become happier because they are not always chasing something that doesn't exist. Does this sound familiar to any other types of living? it's drugs. Herion addicts chase a high they will never get again. What do drugs do? yes they make you high but mainly they make you content. That is happiness. This is why being rich and being a drug addict are so very similar. You are always chasing happiness and never just living it. Learn to stop, relax, take a breath and enjoy your life that second instead of dreading tomorrow.

Just some things I've learnt in my life. Life is silly and it's also a learning experience like anything else.

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Back With A Story

Well shit where do I start with this, so much has happened in the past 6 months that's changed me and my life. Hitting depression, losing friends, gaining new friends, threatened to be bashed, going from never trying drugs to diving right in, kicked out of home, be australian, worked on a winery farm, lose the will to make games, Struggle to eat and sleep, struggle to make enough money for rent and bills, do some soul searching and recreate myself as a better person.....

I've been making flash games for 5 years now which is just a really strange shock. I still feel like that kid mucking around with Flash 6 back in high school. Then all of a sudden your struggling to meet rent by coming up with an idea and creating it. I hit a dead end wall from personal stuff and ended up on this 6 month journey to reinspire me to keep on going forward and make shit.

I couldn't sit down and make anything, I had to go out and face a lot of stuff. Did some general hard aussie work on a winery farm. Pulling nets over the tractors down an entire length of winery fields makes you wish you were back on the comp making games again, and I needed that. I even went out fishing and just general outdoor stuff I avoided and just lived.

When I asked for donations for rent I was shocked at the generosity of people I'd never met just because they liked to help out a fellow Ng'er, developer, friend or just someone making shit they like. When I look back at everything I've ever done, this stuff stands out the most because it's something I made that someone can still play even years down the track, doesn't matter how small the song, game, movie or writing may be. Any idea can grow into something huge to make you money.

I don't condone taking drugs to anyone, because it's a personal thing for each person to figure out. However, I like to think of myself as a nerdy scientist on the front line. How can I make a game about taking acid if I've never done it? well I can, but wheres the fun in that ;)

But yeah shit, this is a article straight from the heart, when I finally have internet back in my room after a tiring tiring journey that hasn't even started yet. It's got swearing cause that's the way I am, and I've learnt to be proud of who you are and stand up for it. I got shit for being a nerd but I managed to turn it into something that is a positive now.

I needa say a thanks too....

Tom Fulp - Obviously you know why, but when your a kid on NG lots and your dream was to get a game frontpaged and that finally happens and you realise you CAN do it...what then? you now have to come up with new dreams and aim higher. I thank Tom for always frontpaging some new kids idea and always supporting my games with frontpages. Thanks!

Dan from ArmourGames - He's been the best sponsor by far over the 5 years, he replies back quickly and friendly. He's been very flexible with me when we needa change things that I've stuffed up and I thank him hugely for that, without him it wouldnt have been possible.

Fans - You guys. I'd like to thank all of you, even if you're a person that contributes one single view to a game, you still help just by enjoying the game, leaving a review, sending me emails. Just all that support.

In summary, Just go for whatever you wanna do. Don't listen to the negative people that put you down and say you need to resign to a shit job like them. Work at it and be patient and original.

I mean shit look at charlie sheen go! what a fucking animal!

- Eggy

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