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Muscles for Posture at the Computer

Long hours at the computer can take it's toll on our posture muscles. I found over the years I developed a hunch and had to slowly correct it. One of the best ways is working out either at the gym or in your own home. All muscles groups are best to hit, but ones you want to focus on at the start if you're a computer user like me is the core muscles and the back. I started getting shoulder pain a lot, and the way I fixed this was back exercises. 

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row - This exercise has been one of the best. It strengthens your back while stretching out your arms and shoulder at the same time. It helps pull your shoulders back when at the computer to prevent that hunch. Get a dumbell and 

Planks - Get on the ground and you just want to hold yourself up in a held pushup position. This will strengthen your abs and core muscles that hold you up, this is important with the long hours at the computer as these muscles hold you up and stop you slouching.

Push Ups
- Not only does this help the chest and triceps but will help build your core as well and a little of your back

Sit Ups
-This will hit your abs, you also want to add a twist to hit the obliques on the sides.

Squats and Deadifts
- This hits your legs well which you need to do when spending many hours without using your legs I find they become stiff and sore.

Remember to take care of yourself as well, the training will help but you also need to try sit up as well.

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Eye Strain

When working long hours on the computer it's important to look after your eyes. I've found myself getting eye strain a lot when I focus too much on coding for long hours. It's really easy to do these days when we spend most of our lives either looking at a computer screen or a phone screen for very long hours.

When you are younger sometimes you can get away with it, but as you get older you may find it happening more like I have. Here are a few tips you can do too keep your eyes from getting worse during those long sessions.

- Take a break each hour by just focusing on other things. Like going out and looking at something in the distance. The eye uses different muscles when focusing far away as opposed to short distances.

- Do eye exercises. Look right, left, up down. Then close your eyes and gently hold the forehead down to give them a small break.

- Make sure to go see if you need glasses getting your eyes checked out at the optometrist

- You can purchase eye drops that help relieve dry eyes

- In extreme cases wear an eye patch to let the sore eye have a rest

Above all else, as much as we hate it sometimes we need to just have a break from the computer. Something I find very hard to do myself. 

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