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Try Not to Burn Yourself Out

When you're working long hours at the computer like I do, it's very easy to burn yourself out. I do it very often by accident. You get to that point where every task seems like a huge burden, where my programming starts to look like hieroglyphics. You need to take breaks often without getting too distracted which is easier said than done.

Sometimes I go the other direction, I take a break and go on Facebook and next minute I've been there for almost 2 hours and wasted too much time. You need some sort of designated break that allows you to refresh but also not distract you for too long. I personally use the game Counter-Strike to destress and shoot some people. The good thing is one game lasts around 45mins, so once the games over I get back to work. 

Caffiene seems like a good choice at first but beware it's a double edged sword. I found it works at the end when you want to cram in last minute changes but it's not so good when used everyday because it leads to longer fatigue I've found. You also can get quite jittery. 

Remember to pace yourself, don't feel stressed that you have to finish all your computer work at once. Sometimes it becomes counter-productive to force yourself to keep going and you will start to make mistakes.

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Alternative Medicine Can Be Dangerous

A big reason I'm very against Alternative Medicine, is because it was all used on me as a kid, I was a guinea pig to it all and suffered because of it.

When I was between 5-12 years old. My eczema and Asthma was very severe. I would scratch myself to sleep most nights, and wake up to blood all over the sheets or not being able to breathe.

My mum however had fallen for all the alternative medicine health information. What followed for the next 7 years was everything you can think of besides actual medicine.

Cod liver oil, oatmeal baths, fish oil tablets, 3 hour boring homeopathic appointments and drops, zinc vitamins, supplements, essential oils, seaweed tablets, chamomile, different diets, limited sweets, mum arguing with doctors, hands in gloves, crystals in room, psychic readings, every single healthy cream out there, herbs, spices, naturopathy and more.

It got so bad sometimes, every part of my skin hurt to move, i was cracked and bleeding everywhere, a few times I was sent to hospital (luckily). Then I was given proper steriod creams, moisterisers and wrapped up in banadages like a mummy and within one week I had nice clear skin. Feeling the proper relief I'd always wanted. Playing N64 as a kid was my biggest relief and escape from my eczema. It kept my hands busy and in hospital they used to wheel over the t.v and console.

When I was teenager I was old enough to get the creams myself and start taking care of it properly. As a kid I didn't know better. I was still very bitter about what I was put through however, needless suffering due to bad information.

I resented my mum for a while, but I came to realise she wasn't all to blame, but the people that took advantage of her lack of education on the subject. People that knew better and took her money to pedal complete crap that led to a kid suffering for no reason.

This is why I believe alternative medicine can be dangerous. Kids can suffer and in some rare cases on the news even die, due to how extreme the people believe in these things. So it makes me quite angry anytime I see it be advertised and make so much money and will probably always be pretty vocal about it due to my childhood.

However don't get me wrong. Eating healthy, exercise, hydration and certain vitamins and natural creams can help eczema a lot. I do a combination of these things. This is NOT alternative medicine, it is normal looking after yourself that is recommended by all doctors.

In fact of what my mum tried 95% was bullshit, but there was 5% that was good which I found out myself as a teenager with proper research. For example Omega-3 in fish, very important for the skin to repair and stay hydrated.

The problem is alternative medicine starts off with facts that a real, but then distort the truth into the crazy to get you to buy there products and ignore real medicine.

I use a combination of steroid creams when bad and when under control I avoid allergies and triggers to keep it down keeping the steroid creams to as little as possible. They are safe when used properly, just not long term. My skins the best it's ever been at this point I'm happy to announce, I'll still get itchy and the occasional rashes but it's nothing like it used to be which I'm happy to say.

In summary, remember its important to eat healthy AND take the appropriate medicine. Do your research on anything sold to you, to find out if it works, if it has backed research, and look into everything as much as possible using trusted sources.

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Muscles for Posture at the Computer

Long hours at the computer can take it's toll on our posture muscles. I found over the years I developed a hunch and had to slowly correct it. One of the best ways is working out either at the gym or in your own home. All muscles groups are best to hit, but ones you want to focus on at the start if you're a computer user like me is the core muscles and the back. I started getting shoulder pain a lot, and the way I fixed this was back exercises. 

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row - This exercise has been one of the best. It strengthens your back while stretching out your arms and shoulder at the same time. It helps pull your shoulders back when at the computer to prevent that hunch. Get a dumbell and 

Planks - Get on the ground and you just want to hold yourself up in a held pushup position. This will strengthen your abs and core muscles that hold you up, this is important with the long hours at the computer as these muscles hold you up and stop you slouching.

Push Ups
- Not only does this help the chest and triceps but will help build your core as well and a little of your back

Sit Ups
-This will hit your abs, you also want to add a twist to hit the obliques on the sides.

Squats and Deadifts
- This hits your legs well which you need to do when spending many hours without using your legs I find they become stiff and sore.

Remember to take care of yourself as well, the training will help but you also need to try sit up as well.

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Eye Strain

When working long hours on the computer it's important to look after your eyes. I've found myself getting eye strain a lot when I focus too much on coding for long hours. It's really easy to do these days when we spend most of our lives either looking at a computer screen or a phone screen for very long hours.

When you are younger sometimes you can get away with it, but as you get older you may find it happening more like I have. Here are a few tips you can do too keep your eyes from getting worse during those long sessions.

- Take a break each hour by just focusing on other things. Like going out and looking at something in the distance. The eye uses different muscles when focusing far away as opposed to short distances.

- Do eye exercises. Look right, left, up down. Then close your eyes and gently hold the forehead down to give them a small break.

- Make sure to go see if you need glasses getting your eyes checked out at the optometrist

- You can purchase eye drops that help relieve dry eyes

- In extreme cases wear an eye patch to let the sore eye have a rest

Above all else, as much as we hate it sometimes we need to just have a break from the computer. Something I find very hard to do myself. 

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