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Studies Correlate Intelligence With Depression

Studies have shown the smarter you are, the more depressed you are likely to be. Now I feel this on a painful level myself, I always had much higher levels of depression than people around me and was always slightly smarter. 

Why is this though? Well here are some of my theorie

Stimulation - 
A person who is smarter will require higher levels of stimulation to not be bored. A normal persons everyday life covers enough mental stimulation to satisfy there thinking needs. They will be happy with simply working out the maths of there grocery list, and the money handed back and forth at work as a cashier. However smarter people can do that quite easily so its very boring. Meaning to be more satisfied they will have to pursue goals that require higher levels of Maths or whatever it is they have studied, perhaps, engineering or software even. 

Things You Cant Control -
  Don't get into big world events you cannot control. This may make you less informed, but it seems to make them happier too. When I debate subjects online about huge world issues regarding politics, environment and social. I realise it actually makes me more depressed because I cannot make any difference in the world to these issues because they are outside my control. I need to let go and only thing about the things I CAN CONTROL. 

Simplify -
 I noticed people that are very happy with a simple life only worry about the things in there life. For example, they don't think past beer, watching sports and there truck. Thats the most important parts of there life and by sticking to it they need to overload there brain with too much worrying thoughts. Keep it simple. 

Maybe You Aren't Smart At All - Intelligence is pretty subjective sometimes. My english is pretty damn bad because I never took the time to learn to spell everything perfectly, since I have A.D.D I tend to skip a lot of things that are important making me seem quite dumb sometimes. This may give me the illusion I'm smart because I can learn things quickly, but I'm not because I make careless mistakes. So before you diagnose yourself with this problem, make sure you are as smart as you think you are. 

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Eggy Awesome and Marty Lettuces Goals

Me and my friend recently set a 3 monthly goal to push ourselves a little further and hold ourselves accountable for our workouts. It's also a little bit of friendly competition which lets face it, helps drive us. This article will be able to hold our goals in writing too so we can come back and check them. 

Begins - 1st July
Ends - September 30th

My goal is to gain between 2kg to 6kg in the next 3 months, mostly in muscle, but a little fat is fine too since I'm quite skinny. 

Current Weight - 59.5kg 
Goal Weight - 63kg+

Marty Lettuces goal is to lose 3kg of fat and gain 3kg of muscle. He has access to full body scans to be able to show how its going which is pretty cool. 

Current BF - 22.7%
Goal BF - 19.7%

Lets see how we do. 

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Crippling Anxiety Woohoo

I was taking Xanax for a while for anxiety, and let me tell you, out of every drug out there... the withdrawals from this are literally hell on earth. Don't ever take it too much in a row. Sweating, shaking, crying, panic, anxiety, nausea, vertigo, spinning, insomnia. It's hell. I was a mess for at least 5 days. I'm finally starting to feel better and this was on a fairly average dose, I can't even imagine what people go through detoxing on higher doses of this stuff. I tried not taking my anti-depressants and switching them for Xanax but nope, hugely bad idea. 0/10 would not recommend. 

Will I continue my anti-depressants? I don't know yet. We will see after I'm back to baseline. (Baseline being crippling anxiety -_- ) 

If anyone out there is suffering from anxiety, just know you are not alone. We are all living the same hell and looking for ways to hopefully make it better. Physical treatment by doctors has come so far in 20 years, but when it comes to mental treatment, they are still far behind sadly. 

I'm not sure if this is one of those things that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" I think it will leave the opposite, and leave me with a bit of trauma to be honest hahaha. Goddamn man. 

Don't ever touch Benzodiazepines unless you really really REALLY REALLY REALLY have too.

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My Current Diet

This is what I'm currently eating each day to gain muscle and remain healthy. Decided I'd write it down since my friend thinks I survive solely on a diet of potatoes and oxygen. Which is sometimes true, but not currently while I'm attempting to gain muscle. Okay here we go.

8am - Protein Shake and 1 pack oatmeal. 

Estimated calories - 308 Calories
Oatmeal - 158 Calories for 1 cup
Protien Shake - 150 calories

10:30am - 4 Eggs on wholemeal toast. 

Estimated Calories - 462
Eggs - 78 per egg x 4
Toast - 75 per slice x 2

1pm - 1 Lamb Chop with Roasted Sweet Potato in butter and olive oil. 

Estimated Calories - 380
Lamb Chop - 294 Calories
Sweet Potato - 86 Calories

5pm - Tuna cooked with egg, veges and garlic with beetroot. 

Estimated Calories - 198 Calories
1x Can of Tuna - 70 per can
1x Egg - 78 calories per egg
Veges - 50 calories of veges

7pm - Chocolate Chip Toast

Estimated Calories - 160 Calories
Toast - 80x2 Slices

9pm - Extras cooked from earlier - 3 Lamb Chops and Sweet Potato

Estimated Calories - 974 Calories

Lamb Chops x3 - 888 Calories
Sweet Potato - 86 calories

Miscellaneous -

2 litres of Water
Supplements - B Complex, Magnesium, Multi-Vitamin, L-Dopa
Sparkling Water

Then after that I had some small biscuits and cupcakes before falling asleep. Not much worth mentioning though. 

Estimated Total Calories Consumed - 2482
The Average male needs to consume - 2500 Calories per day

My meals contained a constant balance of protein, carbs and fats. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with these meals, I usually mix them up a lot, others include chicken and veges for example in place of any of these meals. Overall I feel full, not sluggish from overeating, and more energy and no sugar crash. We will see how it goes more long term if I can keep it up.

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