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New Hearthstone Expansion Released - Rastakhans Rumble

I'm a big fan of Hearthstone. Great card game I've been playing for 2 years now. They just released the new expansion Rastakhans Rumble! Been looking forward to the new one. The game is free and plays on mobile, it's probably the best game on Mobile you can currently play in my opinion. Blizzard always nail it out the park. 

Rastakhans Rumble
Hearthstone Rastakhans Rumble Expansion

Since I knew the expansion was coming I saved up 2500 gold in Hearthstone to buy 25 packs of cards of the new decks when they are released. This way you do not need to pay to win like a lot of others claim. It's pretty easy to make gold in Hearthstone if you just do the daily quests, it adds up pretty quick.

New Hearthstone Cards
Oondasta, Ice Cream Peddler, Halazzi the Lynx

Few interesting cards here to try. In this expansion of Hearthstone they have released a new abilitie called "Overkill" So it means if you do more damage to a creature than its health than you trigger whatever that cards special ability is. We can see above that Oondasta summons a beast from your hand everytime he kills something, and since he also has Rush meaning he can attack as soon as he's placed down, that's instantly 2 creatures put out. Great card!

Seems this expansion so far has really focused on the Hunter with a lot of new beasts. Which is great because hunter is one of my favourite decks. So be interesting to see how the new hunter decks change to adapt to the new cards. 

If you would like to vs me in Hearthstone, my tag is Eggy #11993

Rastakhans Rumble
Hearthstone Expansion - Rastakhans Rumble
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Using only Negev in CounterStrike Go

I play a lot of Counterstrike. It's probably my main game I like at the moment. So far I've been experimenting with only using a Negev. Considered the worst gun in the game I've been hilariously making it do pretty well. With over 9500 kills obtained on it by only using it in 5v5 Competitive matches people are very surprised at how well it can be used. You can find my Steam Profile here if you would like to play a game with me sometime. 

So far I've managed to go from Silver 3 to Nova 2 by only using a Negev. Ahh Hilarious. The best tips I can offer is finding an angle to line up and spam it directly aiming for head. Always prefire corners and always aim down a little to control the spray. You'll be amazing at how effective this gun can be.

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Minecraft Addiction

Well yes, as you can see no new games in a while. I guess I lost a lot of motivation for a while, but I'm trying to get it back and get something done! I've been playing Minecraft wayyy too much and letting out my creativity there instead of in flash games.. You can see the epic city I've been working on with friends here >

I also have had a game done for months but can't release due to some troubles, hopefully I do get that sorted and then maybe ill end up releasing two games at once!

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Hon and whining

Again my game making came to a halt from being addicted to the game "Heroes of Newerth" It's the proper made game of DOTA from a WC3 mod map. It's completely awesome. (If you have it and wanna play, you're welcome to play with me. I'm "Eggy55555") Playing recently with the type of community this game holds really brings up a lot of game making things to watch out for. 

There is an argument called "Playing to Win" vs "Cheap Tactics". What this is, is using cheap tactics within the game to win that people frown upon. In HON you can sneak into their base and kill their towers before creeps get there. In FPS games it's known as camping or in fighting games you keep pressing one quick attack over and over. So should you do it? The answer is YES.

The reason is, people say you're the bad player for using these cheap tactics. However this is a flawed way of thinking, THEY are actually the bad players for not coming up with ways to counter these. If you go to a gaming tournament they will use every trick and tactic to win whether it's cheap or not. The more you play the game, the more you come up with counter tactics to these cheap moves. It's as simple as that.

Is he camping? Throw some grenades around the corner next time. Is he backdooring? Keep a teleport on you at all times. Is he spamming the same button over and over? Find an attack that can counter his or block it. People that whine about these things are locked in their of set of rules that they think everyone else should follow.

People won't understand this unless they reach a higher level of gaming. The only game I consider myself a complete PRO at would be Halo 3, and after playing so long, all the cheap tactics people say are cheap and unfair I actually love when people use because I have counters to them that actually make it even easier for me. I even come across counters to my counters and I have to come up with counters to that, and the list goes on. 

Bottom line is - Before you say something is cheap, try and improve and learn to beat it first.

This is not to be confused with "Cheating" Cheating is using things outside the game to hack it or completely change things which is of course illegal and not fair.

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