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Eggbot vs Zombies Statistics

So after releasing Eggbot vs Zombies lets have a look at the statistics for Mobile and Web after its been out for 2 weeks. I always find it addictive to watch the numbers go up and down to see how well it's doing. But hey who wouldn't right? It's your baby you made to see how well she's doing! :D 

Here we can see it's been installed 66 times on Android Mobile, not too bad for only my 2nd game on mobile but of course those numbers arn't great for someone wanting to actually make money. We can see the amount has jumped up and down over the past few days. The spikes could indicate when I released some posts and advertised a bit to people.

Installs by User Mobile Game
Eggbot vs Zombies Installs

So with only 66 installs it's made $5.54 in revenue from the mobile version, the majority of that being In-App purchases, which 2 people bought the "Remove Ads" purchase. So it's not very much made, however $5 isn't too bad for only 66 users. So if that number we can increase, we can increase the revenue heaps.

Unity Total Revenue
Total Revenue Eggbot vs Zombies

Now for the web version online, it's been played 17,875 times all over various websites. We can see it's averaging about 1.3k plays per day. Theres no ads in the web version however, but it does help by having a link back to the mobile version. 

Total New Gameplay Views
Eggbot vs Zombies WebGL Plays

I also got $250 for a Non-Exclusive license with Armorgames for a web only version for there website so that helped as well.

Overall the statistics are a little dissapointing, my old flash games used to get a million plays in only a week of release since Flash was a lot more viral and popular back then. So making the transition to mobile is tough as you can see.

However since it's only my 2nd game in Unity and on Mobile, I remain confident that when I release a lot more games the numbers will pick up due to cross advertising and being able to be found more in the store. I also will start spending money on advertising the mobile version at some point when I have released enough games. So far I've only trialed some small amounts of advertising the web version with small $20 amounts which generally resulted in about 10 installs. 

This means now that the market has changed over the last 5 years I will have to get better with advertising just as much as making games. The advertising used to take care of itself with Flash because they would all spread to websites very quickly, for example The Unfair Platformer of mine was played 20 million times. Which was crazy. 

Hope these statistics help you with your own games for a general idea of how it may go.

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The main way I've made money in flash games is through sponsorships. It takes a while to get in contact with them all and on top of that even getting a reply sometimes can be difficult when first starting out. Luckily for me I was able to strike a good partnership with Armor Games and usually go with them the most. However they don't always want all my games so then I would seek out others, but I going to them first though shows loyalty and gives him first choice to improve success. Below is all the sponsors I have used. Theres many more out there though. 

Networking is very important, try not to bother them until you've made something good to get on there radar. Half the battle is just being noticed, once you are in contact things get easier. So if you are just starting out don't worry too much if you don't get emails back, release the game with ads and just move onto your next game and try them again and try present the email in a quick easy to read way.

Overall my sponsorships have varied from as little as $100 all the way up to $5000. I've heard of big games making even more than this, but I havn't been able to break higher yet. I think if I totaled all my games sponsorships, I would have made around $30k - $50k. Also talk to sponsors about in game ads. You want to try combine as many revenues as possible for maximum profit.

By far the best sponsor I've worked with. The owner is called Dan and is friendly, offers good prices and is very understanding. Overall I've found him the best to work with above all else, he also responds to my emails quickly which I really appreciate. Games do need to be of good quality though, if you've made a great game check them out for sponsorship.

A pretty popular site, the owner is called John and is very easy to talk too. They are very strict on what they sponsor though and will only take really good games, however he always is willing to check out new stuff.

A very hard website to get hold of, and even harder to get sponsored. If you are lucky enough to be chosen though they have a collection of over 40 portals in all different languages. Which means you have to translate the game to all languages to be released with them. I've only ever done that once with Heaven and Hell and it was a tiring process but they did offer a good price to make it worth it.

This website I think has moved onto a new portal recently, so I'm not sure which branding they sponsor under now. They sometimes offer very low deals but can be negotiated higher which I often did. They were good for games I didn't get sponsored elsewhere as they are willing to take a higher chance on games.

Not sure if they are still sponsoring, but I had a few smaller games for lower amounts sponsored through them which was good and they were friendly and easy to work with.

Getting sponsored by Newgrounds is rare, they only take the best of the best and sometimes they don't even do that. They more lean towards putting there in game ads in, but if you think you've made a great game then give the owner TomFulp an email, he offers very high prices if the game is great. They also sometimes sponsor really good animations.

Kongregate started out sponsoring smaller games but I think they have now raised the bar. They usually offer performance deals which can be a mix of in game ads and there logos. The better the game does the more money you make. This is a risky move, but can be very profitable if you think the game will be viral

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Game Ads

A great option I recommend is in game ads. I usually put them on the preloader I've found they are not intrusive here and once the game starts there is no in game ads to annoy people. I'm not a fan of inter level ads, I don't like to ruin games as I've seen others do by annoying the player. Though some games are an exception when they have put the ad to the side of an inventory and it isn't in the way. Smart design is the key here.

My favourite is probably CPMstar, they offer an easy API and quick approval by a sponsor. The catch is you have to share 50% revenue with your sponsor but that is very fair if you make a good deal with them and it helps your sponsor trust you more for future sponsorships. So ads can benefit the developer and the sponsor as well. 

With CPMstar it really varies on how well a game is doing. I usually make about $10-20 a month off them on average with 4 games using CPMstar. Sometimes I've gotten $50 when a game did well like Heli vs Tower. I figure the more games I release the higher this will get per month. 

Mochi offer higher click through rates then cpmstar however you can only withdraw your money when it reaches $100. Mines been stuck at $50 for ages, it's frustating, but if you have more games with it can be good, specially if you're starting out and don't have a backing sponsor. They are overall good but still needs improving.

Newgrounds offers there own in game ads now. It's not as good as the other two above though. The click through rate is a lot lower and the ad sometimes doesn't display anything but the NG logo. However they are a good quick option with easy API if you want to support a side version of ads with a website that isn't fully based on it. Plus it adds up with your in website revenue. I released one game with it as a test, the game didn't do well, it's made about $100 from these ads in a few years.

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Websites That Share Ad Revenue

Theres a lot of websites that share ad revenue with the developers. If you make games then submitting to these websites is a must as they bring in a nice extra stream of income, specially if your games get features. So I'll list the best ones I know of and what I've made so far.

This website is a must if you make flash games! one of the biggest flash game sites on the net. They bring in a great amount of revenue. Most of my ad revenue came from The Unfair Platformer here because it was so popular. Games on this website also feature badges. So add the API to every game you submit because this increase your ad revenue by 10% as well as put your game in the running to get badges which will bring in a lot more plays. Your games can also win competitions. If your game gets frontpaged I can garuntee around $20-50 a day ad revenue. Unfortunately smaller games that don't get attention will make only a few dollars total.

In six years Kongregate has made me $4,000

Pretty much the biggest flash site out there. Unlike Kongregate that only takes games, Newgrounds will also give ad revenue for flash movies. Unlike Kongregate the ad revenue is a lot lower and harder to get here, but it will still bring in a decent amount if your game wins awards or is frontpaged. Newgrounds is great if people fan you because all new games/movies you submit will show up to them in there news feed and get you extra views.

In six years Newgrounds has made me $500. Some from ad revenue and some from winning game competitions.

This website Is more newer and I found only a few months ago so I don't know how well my ad revenue will do here. GameJolt is also more focused on Indie games made with full .exe based games. Flash isn't as popular but is still allowed.

So far the website has only made me 87 cents in 2 months. This would be a lot higher for games with more views and non-flash games. 

There are others out there, but they require adding there API that which puts logos in there game. I don't really like changing my game logos so I don't use them but they are worth looking up if it's something you don't mind doing.

These websites are just a small bonus that can be made on the side of your sponsorship and main game revenue. Being more active on the websites will also help bring in more fans and attention to your profile and increase future views for games.

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