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Mass Bradleys

I decided to push the bounds of Unitys engine by spawning mass objects of my head. Amazingly hardly any performance issues at all! Even with so many objects interacting. It's hugely better then Flash. I made a video of it and uploaded so you can see the mass Bradley heads all interacting with each other and bouncing off each other! It's pretty cool. I'm very impressed with the Unity engine being able to handle it, however I guess since Unity is meant for 3D it won't have much problem with lag.

However I did run into lag when I was making huge sprite backgrounds, which is ironically strange because I didn't think that would be a big deal.

You can view the funny video of mass heads below on youtube as shown in the picture below >

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Bosses are cool

Who doesn't love a good boss? Eggys Big Adventure now has it's first boss. It's made up of physics as well, dangling chains off its evil googly eyes! The game is coming along great now, with over 15 levels done, and the first boss. This is my first game to feature full on physics and be working in a new program, and to be working on mobile phone too. So pretty exciting stuff! 

I'm also going to try make a lot more news posts from now on and stop slacking on it. 

In other news I've also been addicted to Fringe. Such a great tv show. I love watching sci-fi when working on my games. It keeps me motivated, specially when it involves technology and working out problems. 

Remember if you want to support me, you can pledge $1 per game on my patreon! this helps me pay the bills to work on games faster! and gives you special access to beta testing my games before release! Sign up here >

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Eggys Big Adventure In Making Part 2

My new game Eggys Big Adventure is starting to look really good. The physics in it are fun to use, you can knock boxes over, push clouds, and interact with pretty much everything and have it react realistically. Unity is a very powerful game editor and its nice moving on from Flash and seeing the new things I can do with it. This new game will also work on mobile as well as PC so stay stuned!

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Unity Learning

Learning Unity is going well. I've been using my old Last Egg Alive game from Flash to now import into Unity. This allows me to do a lot of extra things with it that were hard in Flash. I can now easily give it a more physics style feel. Their will be various objects that all act with proper physics to knock your egg around. It will have a feel like sonic - FAST AND FURIOUS! PHROAR! 

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