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Graphic Sheets for Later Use

When you get art it's good to arrange them it easy to use graphic sheets like you can see below. It helps to be able to open them at any time and drag and drop them into your game. Stuff like this is very versatile to be re-used for future games. As long as you don't overdo it and re-use all of them per game, you can get away with slipping in some old graphics you drew.

Graphic sheet from The Tower and The Unfair Platformer and Smithys Quest

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Gore and Guns for Zombie Game

Heres a look at our gory art used in an upcoming zombie game. These sort of Gore graphic sheets are great because they are highly re-usable for future games whenever you need some death objects to come out. They really make a kill more satisfying in games for the player. Also displaying a vast amount of guns drawn to pick from that you will be able to purchase and find.

Mmm Gory goodness!

Oooo Lots of Guns!

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