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Dopamine Eggs UI Part 2

Okay today I changed the right menu to be updated like the left one... andd uhhh yeah that's it.....WhAT? WHAT?! YOU THINK THAT'S TOO SMALL A POST? well you know what buddy I'm trying okay. I bet you have some dumbass name like "Marty" if you are reading this, yaaa face is uglehh Marttyyy. Nah I love you bud, despite your horrendous physical deformities. <3 

Okay so far you can see I'm doing this in Flash to draw it, but I will import it all into Unity. Add some extra fanceh smanceh effects to it and physics. Who doesn't like physics, but even better there will be numbers that go up. That's what were all here for right. Numbers that go up. Mmm delicious numbered dopamine. 

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Dopamine Eggs in Making

I've been designing a new game. This time interestingly I took a slightly different approach. I have not coded anything yet, I decided to completely lay out the games UI and art before I even started building it. This is actually quite unusual for me, generally I dive right in, building as I go. I decided it's time for a bit more planning and spent a few days really just letting the stress of design decisions go and just had fun with it like I used to as a kid.

If you have not already noticed, the game is going to be an idle game about eggs. That's right, the more eggs, the more dopamine. Oh boy! Not only that but the games name is a joke on my depression I figured I would give you some interesting knowledge about how the brain works as you play the game, specifically the role of dopamine in gaming. 

The more eggs you get, the more the world will be built around you. Most likely this will be a paid only game released to steam. 

Stay tuned, I'll be releasing more updates on the game as I progress making it. 

Dopamine Eggs - They will become one in the same
Ah the Elusive Eggs

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Zombie Map Setup

Heres the design for my new map in my new zombie game. Its taken a bit of work with a lot of small details and dynamic lighting buts its coming along well. You can see the symbols where I've added lighting, theres still a few small details to add but you can see its coming along well. A good tip for making backgrounds look good is doing black silhouette for the city. 

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Darker Levels and Lighting

World 2 for Eggys Big Adventure uses a darker level tone in the forest, this has enabled me to focus on making the lights stand out. Good lighting is always nice and Unity has some good lighting effects to really spruce things up as you can see in the pic below, the streetlight adds a nice ambience to the forest level, also the fact it doesn't belong it's good for adding surrealism to your scene. Don't be afraid to put weird things in weird places in games. Out of place can sometimes feel in place.

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