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Game Stealers

Recently with the launch of the iPhone there's been mass copying of flash games and porting them to the iPhone without our permission. I'm not gonna link to the sites that have copied my games cause I don't wanna give them free exposure. Just wanna make you aware they're out there. I'm infuriated these people that just blatantly copy them and change the graphics. It's completely disgusting and pathetic making money off my ideas. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it. 

Keep an eye out and refuse to play cheap copies! Thanks!

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100th Comic Done

I never intended to make so many comics when I started. They were just a silly side thing I wanted to do. Eventually the style started to grow till I had a little stick design and template that I liked and just kept going with it, till now It's taken on a life of it's own and has it's own unique style.

Now the 100th comic is up! Marking a milestone. The funny thing is the comics section is getting more views then my games but that would be due to people clicking through multiple pages which adds the page views up as opposed to one view for being on a game for a while.

In case you're retarded and can't see the link to comics up the top in the nav bar I'll link it here for you.

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