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Eggys Discord

So I made a discord, however it was mainly because I got banned from another one...twice but a lot of people followed me into mine because of it. It was basically like a mutiny. So since it's pretty much random chat these days, you are welcome to come in and join.

Heres the link. Come meet me, others, troll, larp or anything else your heart desires. 



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Eggys Games is now on Steam!

Eggys Games Flash Collection is now coming soon to Steam! it features 22 of my best games all packaged into one exe that you can run off your computer which will be handy in the future when Flash gets removed from the web. It also features 22 behind the scenes documents showing how each game was made and some information about it.

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Looking Back on 2018

Looking back on this year it's been a good year and a bad year at the same time. If I look at it in a optimistic way, I have learned a new program - Unity. I have learned a new language - C# and I have released my first ever 2 games onto Mobile with Unity. This is good, I layed the foundations for learning new game development. If I was to look back in an pessimist way though I would think 2 games is not very much. I wasted too much time and could have completed more. 

It's hard to decide which way to look at it. Doubts will always creep in your mind when you are any form of artist. Should I have done more? Was what I made good enough? 

Either way I'm happy to have laid the foundations for 2019, games will be made quicker now I have more of a grasp on the program and language, since I used to previously work in Flash and use AS3. 

I've also been held back by a few personal health problems and financial problems. 

Overall I'm glad and proud to have gotten back into game development after a long break for a while. I battled some personal stuff I talked about in previous posts, and now that I'm back to normal and focusing on game development again I have a lot of ideas that will be coming to mobile for 2019. 

Happy New Year from Eggys Games. 

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