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So someone made a take on Garfield by turning him into a gigantic monster beast in a gaming setting and I gotta say it's fully hilarious. I love it. Have a look for yourself. As someone that grew up on Garfield I found this hilarious. In this video CarlTheVoiceActor(Snak) did the voices for it. Check it out! - 

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Chaos Theory is Amazing

Chaos theory is an amazing music video made in under 64kb of memory. Anyone that knows much about optimizing, this is basically insane. It fits on a floppy disc. It even uses glitches in the actual computer software to achieve some of it's visuals. It may not seem like much these days, but this was made a long time ago when computers had hardly any memory or processing power and this guy managed to squeeze every last bit of memory out of it and it still holds up to this day as a visual masterpiece with the music.

Even more interesting, people that make these are part of whats known as "Demoscene" an underground type coding group that specializes in these sort of videos. Have a look at them on youtube and some of them are amazing. Complex maths to program these.

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