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Do we actually have freedom of speech?

Apparently we have freedom of speech. We can say whatever we want, especially with todays social media where it's quick and easy to write whatever you want online.

However, heres the thing. You only have freedom of speech as long as no one cares about your opinion.

Once you become in the public eye, or are a celebrity then nearly everything you do or say is put closely under inspection. In fact people will even try dig up things you've said in your past to try discredit you. You have to be real careful about what you put online these days if you think your career can be destroyed because of it.

Some may argue that freedom of speech exists, it's just that their are consquences to what we say. While this is true, I don't think you have freedom of speech if people can get you fired from your job for things you said in your personal life. We see this happening more and more to celebrities. I think it must be extremely silencing to celebrities not to be able to voice there opinions unless they are happy and extremely nice opinions. Basically only "PG" rated opinions.

So remember, if you write something dark, offensive or satire based. Think to yourself. Are people gonna dig this up later and throw it in your face? because they probably will. The irony is that they tell people to change and grow up, yet when people do they still go and use the past against them, making their growing up almost redundant in that persons eyes.

Food for thought in todays social media society. "Whats on your mind" sometimes should stay on your mind.

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Helping Drug Addicts Get Back On There Feet

Melbourne has released ice injecting rooms. This is good news and I'll tell you why. (This is kinda long because the reactions I've seen to it have pissed me off a bit, if you even read half of this, you'll see my point)

So far the reaction from the public as usual has been split into two, people think its completely stupid and others think it's a great step forwards.

It is indeed good news. The entire drug problem at the moment is split between two separate generations. You'll find the old Baby Boomers and up are very hateful to these programs and spit abuse and disgust at addicts in the comments. They grew up in a generation where they were taught all drugs are bad, theres no exceptions and cannabis is lethal and will cause you harm. They were taught to hate these people.

The new generation of millennials however have grown up with far more information on drugs and noticed hang on a minute! The war on drugs was the biggest failure ever launched by the government. It cost billions, didn't lower deaths and didn't lower drugs at all. More millennials have even tried drugs and realised half of the government information on drugs was fake and wrong, and now get there information from proper sources. They realised that alcohol and cigarettes have killed far more people then cannabis ever has and many people are able to recreationally enjoy these drugs without any problems at all no different than a glass of wine.

As information on addiction grew we realised that supporting addicts, getting them into programs, having people listen to them, offering help and yes even safe drug injecting rooms actually saved lives. Since the trial was run in Sydney, they saw a huge reduction in ambulances being overloaded with drug calls, they estimated over 8000 lives saved, and over 5900 people when they were getting a daily dose were referred to rehab programs by there own decision.

Most people want to just lock these people up and treat them as a criminal, when in fact drugs should be treated as a medical issue, because that is what it is.

Australia is decades ahead of America when it comes to healthcare, however we are still decades behind places like Sweden that introduced injecting rooms and programs in the 1970s when the herion epidemic had hit a huge high. After introducing the programs instead of trying to arrest everyone, they noticed a huge reduction in overdoses. It saved lives.

Unfortunately, the media generally likes to just deem these people as scum, and thats how others end up viewing them when the reality is its way more complicated than that. There is a lot of underlying issues that contribute to the problem rather than just simply bad choices. Specially people that have come from a broken home and have known nothing else there entire life or maybe they are just having some fun no different than your night of alcohol throwing up everywhere. The only difference is its socially acceptable by law to get so drunk you almost die of alcohol poisoning, yet its a criminal activity to smoke something you can't overdose on.

Ask yourself this, if you like how the war on drugs is treated currently, is that because you actually want to save lives, or do you personally just like seeing these people get arrested because of your dislike of there lives? if you realize the correct decision is saving lives and not prejudice then you are now on the same page as me.

I saw recently an older man that works in rehab and addiction post a status to say that ambulances should not be called out to overdoses after a certain amount of times for one person, I was completely fucking disgusted. I was even more worried that this man works in rehab centers and is bringing his draconian outdated way of thinking to treat people. These people like to act like that person is nothing. I decided instead of debating online pointlessly as usual I would just make a post to get it out of my head.

These rooms are a step forward. This is the first step that will make a huge difference. The 2nd step is better drug education, if you think alcohol is safer than cannabis, then you are part of the problem. The hardest part about education is not teaching people, it's getting people to un-learn the bad information they have been taught. That is why debates with people are almost impossible to win because they think they are educated, but they got the wrong information in the first place.

What someone puts into there own body, at the end of the day is there business. If it affects other people with crime and dealing, then it is a police matter of course, but if it doesn't then it should be no ones business except theres.

At the end of the day, you cannot force someone to quit, they need to come to that conclusion on there own. Which is why these places will keep them alive and with support at arms reach until they do or if they do.

You may see an addict/junkie, but I just see a person.

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Game Making by Jackie

This was sent in to me by Jackie and wanted her article posted on behalf of her. Please enjoy her insights.

Considering A Degree To Launch Your Career In Game Design?

Many of us who are interested in game design are put off by the idea that we need a diploma in order to become a successful game designer. Luckily, though, you don’t necessarily need to run out and fork over your hard-earned money for a bachelor’s degree if you want to launch a career in game design. If you lack the educational credentials of your competition when applying for jobs, then you need to make sure that you set yourself apart in other ways. Here are some tips on how to break into the world of game design without a degree.

Do Your Research

Many employers know that just because a candidate doesn’t have a formal education doesn’t mean that they don’t have the know-how to get a job done. Some designers are self-taught, while others have a foundation built through courses offered by community colleges, libraries, and other public institutions.
No matter how you receive your training, as long as you know the fundamentals of game design, a career with major players such as EA or Ubisoft. Some companies only require that new trainees have a solid knowledge of essential skills such as C++ programming.

Showcase Your Skills

A game design degree can help you to get your foot in the door, but employers are also deeply interested in experience. A strong portfolio will get you much farther in the game design industry than any fancy diploma could. With a portfolio, you can demonstrate your abilities and competence level in a tangible sense. Make sure to include a healthy variety of work so that prospective employers see that you have technical range. Each project that you include in your portfolio should be carefully selected to demonstrate skills that you believe make you an attractive job candidate.

Nail the Interview

Once you've caught an employer's attention, it's time to seal the deal. Other candidates that the company has chosen may have a higher education than you, and so to land a job, you really have to sell yourself. During the interview, it's vital that you remain calm, polite, and answer all questions thoroughly. It may be a good idea to practice with a friend or family member before the fact, especially if you're feeling nervous. You should also familiarize yourself with the company and its practices before heading into the interview.
Starting a career in the game design industry is easier than you might think, even if you lack a formal education. By setting yourself apart from the crowd, you can turn a passion into a full-time career.

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Money in Game Making

An interesting topic in game making is always of money. I mean at the end of the day, you need to survive and pay the bills. It's a fact of life we can't avoid, and as much as we'd like to survive on noodles and passion for the rest of our life, it just doesn't work. So what's the answer?

Well it's complicated, but the simple answer to something is, would you still do it if you were rich? if the answers yes than you probably do enjoy it. 

When you bring money into things, it always complicates things and makes your decisions harder on which direction to head, specially when you get offers to sell things. The best thing I've found is to work at things piece by piece. You're not gonna make a one hit wonder overnight unless you get lucky. I have had some hugely successful games happen and they were lucky, but that luck was founded by lots of failure before it till you do hit your lucky success. Giving up your job to go full time can be very risky and I wouldn't recommend it. Find out the least amount of money you can live on and be happy and then spend an hour a day on your dream.

I feel it can be a good idea to keep your job and your dream hobby as seperate entities. When I combined the two, It felt like too much work that it was not fun, I lost my passion and it killed it. By having a part time job it keeps things in perspective on what I want in the future and motivates me. It's my choice on things, It's not the best choice, but it's how I decided to go about it because I don't know how long It's going to take me.

Also you need to be working on things you can be proud of showing other people. Every game I've completed even years down the track I'm proud to link too and show them and I'm always happy to look back on the game out there still being played. A timeless piece of art. As long as that is being built I get a huge amount of satisfaction. Each game itself may be pain and work but when I look back on each one I don't remember that, I just see the final product and am immensely proud. 

You need an ultimate goal in mind where you're heading. Known as your small grind to success and your hope success. For example my games will always make a slight amount of money each month off revenue, so my slow grind idea is building game by game a revenue that will always increase the longer I do it. It may not be much per game but the more I do the more that increases. 

While doing this you can always get lucky and make one game that takes off and becomes a success that you decide to focus on, this being your quick hope success along the way. If you aim for the big hit, you usually won't get it, it's best not to put too much expectations in each game, think of each one as another learning lesson, another slight increase in revenue, another piece of content and most of all more assets to draw upon. Not only that but if I ever decide to take another step in business and directly advertise my company and all the games it will increase all that revenue in every game total. 

Overall I've made about 30 games. Even though each single game hasn't been sold for huge amounts (still good amounts) but not a huge enough success like Minecraft or CoC etc. They are still ideas put into a workable game that can be added too, ported and expanded on. They are now my building blocks too a game business. Also the best part, they are all mine to expand on however I wish. It's also a filtering process along the way. Meaning only 15 of them games are going to be good enough for mobile. Perhaps only 5 enough for steam. Then only 1 that would be my golden game I see over the years as the main one to be a full .exe game I want to dedicate my time too. 

Wouldn't an office job be better? Yes and no. It would but it would take so much of my motivation away and free time and I can always get one down the track. But it's harder to go backwards and quit that job back to game making and get back them free hours. The thing is a business is timeless too, meaning the more I work on this now and makes me money, if I take another job down the track this work will all be done already and it's easier to run a business side of things like advertising or paying other people to do things while I work another job. Multi-tasking so to speak. It's easier to build from the ground up.

All in all, this may not be the best direction or fastest, but it is one that suits me and how I feel. The main reason above all I make games is I like to create. Simple as that. Not only that I love games and the way they work. The way you can create any sort of world you like and put a person inside that. I use any tool as my disposal to bring my ideas to life. Instead of harbouring them inside my head forever wishing I knew what they would look like brought to life. It doesn't matter if they fail cause each one was my baby, my idea, my little creation, my hobby to keep my brain working.

Hard work pays off in the long run, and when you switch to the business side of things I've noticed its very hard to go back and make a game while I had the momentum going. So before I get too old and more business orientated, I want a big portfolio of ideas to draw on. Then I can throw them out into different business ventures as I see fit. I can redesign my website, I could introduce new ads to make more money, I could pay others to port my game, I could offer companies deals etc etc. Lots of options, and the more I make, the more options I have to choose from. A year can be a long time, you never know where you'll be in life and it's better to have more options to choose from and re-decide where you want to head. 

Eggy's Games and everything on here is my creations I'm happy to always look back. My brainchild of ideas and creativity all in one portfolio. Once I complete my goal of mobile, I can take in the information and decide wether to stick at it and release more and break into the market or take a different route. Either way, I always keep moving forward, no matter how slowly and keep coming back.

Work on something just a little bit each day, and it pays off eventually. Even If I'm wrong, I'm happier I took my own path and would have a good story to tell at the end.

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