The Catapocalypse

Look at some time in our lives we've got to ask ourselves what do we do in the catapocalypse!!?! It's coming. It's real. Zombie cats will rule the earth one day. You've got to be prepared. So I made this game engine where you can kill the zombie cats. Don't worry cat lovers, they're not cute cats. They are ZOMBIE CATS. So when you run upwards and grab the blender then go back out the house and blend the cats don't feel bad at all! Yes you can blend them, all is fair in cat war.

Sometimes I'm amazed at what ridiculous engines I make that don't go anywhere. Funny though.

Play the engine below. Arrow keys to move. Space to kick or to use blender. E to pickup blender.


Permalink Posted in Unfinished by Eggy on Nov 9, 2013