Aruns 18th

7:00pm – Arun picks me up, we go buy drinks & chips
7:05pm – We arrive at Aruns house and wait for Arun to eat dinner
7:30pm – Arun places his $60 scotch in front of Joshs car
7:32pm – Josh runs over the $60 of scotch Arun put in front of the car
7:33pm – I laugh while they are pissed
7:40pm – We pick up Alex, James & Matt
7:50pm – We look at the dent in Matts car where he hit a Kangaroo
8:00pm – We arrive at my house
8:30pm – They whine theres no ice and go get some taking 15mins
9:00pm – We begin poker, I lose badly, Matt wins most our money..
10:00pm – Josh & Alex leave cause there sooks
10:30pm – more drinking and trashing my house, James leaves
11:00pm – We decide to walk to middleton beach!
11:30pm – We part with Matt who walks home
12:00pm – We begin our adventure, it seemed like a good idea at the time
1:00am – We stop at the 24hour shop, I lean on the glass looking at sandwhichs, the person there tells me off for leaning on the glass.
1:05am – I inform Arun the 24 hour shop guy is a dick
3:30am – We arrive at the beach, I throw up beside the bin
4:00am – We sleep on the beach
5:00am – We wake up freezing cold…and start walking back…i feel sick
5:30am – We decide it would be a good idea to bury my 1/4 bottle of cougar i have left
6:15am – We arrive at Mcdonalds, Arun looks perfectly fine and eats heaps..
6:40am – We leave Mcdonalds to walk back to my house
8:00am – We make it home alive

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