Quit My Old Job!

I quit my job at Coles. I’m a free man! horay. YES *Jumps in the air* *Does a backflip* Ok so I didn’t do the backflip because I can’t, and if I did I’d probably die….but you get the point. I went into work like usual, was working for an hour and realised I hated being there so much, and there wasn’t much point for me being here anymore. So I went up to the desk and said I’m quitting and left at the end of the shift :)

Sorry but no more old work stories now :( We’ll all miss them.

Now I’ll be focusing on my games more for income and rummaging through peoples garbage. Both have there equal shares of satisfaction.

Oh and I also moved outta home with a friend and his gf. Pretty cool so far.

Permalink Posted in Old Work by Eggy on Sep 2, 2009