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I made a wallpaper for the site. I think I'll start a collection of downloads.

Put it up :D games VERY VERY VERY SOON!!!! AND MORE THEN ONE!! I don't want to make this the main news post about it though...

Right click open image for bigger picture. Resolution is 1280x960.

Eggys Games Wallpaper

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Teaching for Money

Was thinking of maybe teaching Flash Game making to people as a one on one tutor for money. If anyone is interested, contact me via email or msn :)

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100th Comic Done

I never intended to make so many comics when I started. They were just a silly side thing I wanted to do. Eventually the style started to grow till I had a little stick design and template that I liked and just kept going with it, till now It's taken on a life of it's own and has it's own unique style.

Now the 100th comic is up! Marking a milestone. The funny thing is the comics section is getting more views then my games but that would be due to people clicking through multiple pages which adds the page views up as opposed to one view for being on a game for a while.

In case you're retarded and can't see the link to comics up the top in the nav bar I'll link it here for you.

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Rustyarcade did an interview on me about me and my flash games for their website which I thought was pretty cool :) It's great doing this stuff. Not only is it good to share my experiences, it's great to force myself to rethink my own questions and think about my past. Anyways I hope this is an interesting read, definitely happy to get these interviews. Hopefully I can get more for more exposure.

Check it out here -

Also put up another comic! booya! getting close to 100!

Rusty Arcade

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