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Grapes > Cheese

I was Putting someones trolley through checkout when i got to putting a slab of cheese on the bottom of the bag then placing the grapes on top, sounds fine? nope.

Me : Err..packing?
Woman : Don’t put grapes on cheese it will crush the cheese!!
Me : Uhhh..oh….sorry…

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Oi, Kid.

I was on my break and I walk into the sweets section and theres one kid there that stops and looks at me and he has a big jacket on. I don’t really care I just keep looking at the lollies, then a packet of lollies drops out of his jacket onto the ground….I look at it…..I look at him…..He has the most horror on his face….then he goes


and throws all the stuff in his jacket on the ground and bolts…….I stare blankly for a second then burst out laughing. Later on he came through my checkout with his mum, the amount of fear in his eyes that I was gonna tell his mum was making him keep making eye contact with me. I didn’t do anything of course, it was just too funny to watch it all, i was trying to stop myself laughing.

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One lady had 1 thing, a loaf of bread that scanned at $1.20…

Lady : NO THAT WAS $1
Me : Hmm it doesn’t appear to have a reduced tag…soo
Lady : No, it was defently a $1
Me : I’ll get someone to check then..

I ring up, they check and it indeed was $1.20, she is “disgusted” at the price and saids she doesn’t want it and demands I give it to her for free for wasting her time. Seriously!? 20c! 20c GODDAMIT!!!! So I say..


She shakes her head as she walks off…..saying thats pathetic…


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Straight or Curly

Some guy comes up to me and asks where is the pasta, so I show him

Me : Here you go
Guy : Ahh thanks, umm, hmm i’ve never had pasta before, My wife is making me come get some.

This guy is like 30ish…….how could you not have had pasta by 30?!??!?

Me : Umm geez
Guy : Which tastes better the curly or the straight
Me : ………yeah im pretty sure they taste the same
Guy : but they look different
Me : well…yeah …

He sits there in thought as i slowly get away….I was not going to sit there and debate that something will taste the same even if its different shapes….jesus fucken christ.

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