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New Site Design

Heres the brand new site design to make the website much cleaner and overall better to get around. Was coded by the very talented PHP coder Rich :) I've melded my blog and comics into the site so it's better not having them separated. Now just bookmark this one site and check up on it for new stuff :) I'll be writing in the news a lot more now that it's set out better.

Comments were removed due to people spamming them so much it didn't seem worth having them anymore. So if anyone really needs to tell me something they can still email or tell me in the Facebook app.

Game page and movies page is now set out all compacted so you don't have to scroll so much and the games are embedded in the site. Also in the top right is a share button to share the games on Facebook and such. If you share one or two I'd be most grateful :)

Also the latest games box and Facebook app box are on the sides on the homepage so you can see them right away. The nifty Facebook App will show if you're a fan or not, if not. Go become a fan! every person helps! and you get to see updates on Facebook that wouldn't be posted here or personally add me if you wish and see my silly life updates. Also you can add the Eggys Games Facebook App there to play games inside Facebook if you prefer that. Also can share them with people from there.

Banner was upgraded slightly.

Well I hope you like the new layout! bookmark it and enjoy the flash's, stories and news :)

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The Infection Released

The Infection is now out, now it's out I'll be getting my site redesign done :) In The Infection was basically made in 2 weeks straight by me and Drew. It was pretty fun yet so tiring at the same time. He brought his computer to my room and we just went at it working all nighters and surviving off junk food and caffiene drinks. Ahh what a life... yet it killed me. Well worth it in the end though. At one point we had pizza for 2 days in a row straight...

The Infection was my first go at shooting games in general so we did an overall basic theme but still added our own little twists of originality in there, though not that much I spose. We just wanted to keep it fairly normal for the first one.

The Infection

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Draw-Play 3 Released

Well it's done and out. Draw-Play 3 is out. It's been 2 years since the first one. It was basically one of my first major games that I had no idea would be a success. Back then I wasn't a good programmer and so only now have I improved enough to add erasing and destructible ground. I really had fun making the traps, specially the laser. It's my fav, even though some people are complaining it's a bit hard to get past, but it isn't if you just move quick when it shoots.

I really debated with sprucing it up with colour, but in the end I wanted to keep it true to the same style. It's what I really liked about it. No fancy graphics just plane ol drawing fun. A blank bit of paper to let people get creative themselfs.

Send any levels made that you think are really good to my email and I'll check em out, possible for a player pack but I'm not sure if I will yet.

Anyways hope you all enjoy the last Draw-Play, and hope it ends the trilogy nicely :)

Draw-Play 3

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Game Stealers

Recently with the launch of the iPhone there's been mass copying of flash games and porting them to the iPhone without our permission. I'm not gonna link to the sites that have copied my games cause I don't wanna give them free exposure. Just wanna make you aware they're out there. I'm infuriated these people that just blatantly copy them and change the graphics. It's completely disgusting and pathetic making money off my ideas. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it.

Keep an eye out and refuse to play cheap copies! Thanks!

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