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HON and Whining

Again my game making came to a halt from being addicted to the game "Heroes of Newerth" It's the proper made game of DOTA from a WC3 mod map. It's completely awesome. (If you have it and wanna play, you're welcome to play with me. I'm "Eggy55555") Playing recently with the type of community this game holds really brings up a lot of game making things to watch out for.

There is an argument called "Playing to Win" vs "Cheap Tactics". What this is, is using cheap tactics within the game to win that people frown upon. In HON you can sneak into their base and kill their towers before creeps get there. In FPS games it's known as camping or in fighting games you keep pressing one quick attack over and over. So should you do it? The answer is YES.

The reason is, people say you're the bad player for using these cheap tactics. However this is a flawed way of thinking, THEY are actually the bad players for not coming up with ways to counter these. If you go to a gaming tournament they will use every trick and tactic to win whether it's cheap or not. The more you play the game, the more you come up with counter tactics to these cheap moves. It's as simple as that.

Is he camping? Throw some grenades around the corner next time. Is he backdooring? Keep a teleport on you at all times. Is he spamming the same button over and over? Find an attack that can counter his or block it. People that whine about these things are locked in their of set of rules that they think everyone else should follow.

People won't understand this unless they reach a higher level of gaming. The only game I consider myself a complete PRO at would be Halo 3, and after playing so long, all the cheap tactics people say are cheap and unfair I actually love when people use because I have counters to them that actually make it even easier for me. I even come across counters to my counters and I have to come up with counters to that, and the list goes on.

Bottom line is - Before you say something is cheap, try and improve and learn to beat it first.

This is not to be confused with "Cheating" Cheating is using things outside the game to hack it or completely change things which is of course illegal and not fair.

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100th Comic Done

I never intended to make so many comics when I started. They were just a silly side thing I wanted to do. Eventually the style started to grow till I had a little stick design and template that I liked and just kept going with it, till now It's taken on a life of it's own and has it's own unique style.

Now the 100th comic is up! Marking a milestone. The funny thing is the comics section is getting more views then my games but that would be due to people clicking through multiple pages which adds the page views up as opposed to one view for being on a game for a while.

In case you're retarded and can't see the link to comics up the top in the nav bar I'll link it here for you.

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Rustyarcade did an interview on me about me and my flash games for their website which I thought was pretty cool :) It's great doing this stuff. Not only is it good to share my experiences, it's great to force myself to rethink my own questions and think about my past. Anyways I hope this is an interesting read, definitely happy to get these interviews. Hopefully I can get more for more exposure.

Check it out here -

Also put up another comic! booya! getting close to 100!

Rusty Arcade

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Starting Up or Slacking Down

So I have started work on a new egg game. Oh yes it's about time you're thinking shouting in glee. I figure I should try and do more egg games as well overall. It can be my "thing" sorta my trademark character in games :P I already drew up some new eggs, as you can see on the edges of the banner up top of my website. The one on the left with huge boobs is based off my girlfriends big boobs. Hey I had to keep it accurate right?

In the new game you have a giant egg that spits out smaller eggs that you use to attack the enemy with. I'm still deciding on wether to make it so you throw them or shoot them. Hmm so many egg decisions! It's so uhh..egg..eggwhelming....ok no that was a fail egg word. (Note to self, work on new egg words as well)

Now also to contradict everything I wrote above about working heaps, I can't stop watching Stargate Atlantis dammit. I get so addicted to these sci fi series. I thought I could distract myself and work, but that isn't gonna work, instead I'm gonna mass watch the episodes and finish it all off then get to work.

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