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Game Stealers

Recently with the launch of the iPhone there's been mass copying of flash games and porting them to the iPhone without our permission. I'm not gonna link to the sites that have copied my games cause I don't wanna give them free exposure. Just wanna make you aware they're out there. I'm infuriated these people that just blatantly copy them and change the graphics. It's completely disgusting and pathetic making money off my ideas. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it.

Keep an eye out and refuse to play cheap copies! Thanks!

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Quit My Old Job!

I quit my job at Coles. I’m a free man! horay. YES *Jumps in the air* *Does a backflip* Ok so I didn’t do the backflip because I can’t, and if I did I’d probably die….but you get the point. I went into work like usual, was working for an hour and realised I hated being there so much, and there wasn’t much point for me being here anymore. So I went up to the desk and said I’m quitting and left at the end of the shift :)

Sorry but no more old work stories now :( We’ll all miss them.

Now I’ll be focusing on my games more for income and rummaging through peoples garbage. Both have there equal shares of satisfaction.

Oh and I also moved outta home with a friend and his gf. Pretty cool so far.

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The Egg Released

The Egg is out!! You can customize your egg with lots of stuff and each one has a story, also the story is different depending on which egg you finish it with. Since you're on my site, you get to know the 2 easter eggs. Well not that they were that hard to find anyways hehe. One is you can click the rick roll egg and you get rick rolled, and the other is clicking the last egg which is an easter egg unlocks the last egg, Pimp Egg. I thought it was a good little puzzle game that was funny as well since it's to do with my name. Turned out good I reckon :) Lets hope you all think so too.

Also I'm finally working on Draw-Play 3. It now has erasing working and things that blow up you're ground and a slight redesign so far. Might be done in a month or so at this rate.

The Egg

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Stickya Adventurya

Just uploaded my new game Stickya Adventurya. It's a comedy based platformer with lots of sillyness. I wanted to make something a lot more relaxed and funny. It's got my voice in it for voice acting and also it's me playing the halo theme song on guitar for the guitar hero bit. I'm not that good but it didn't turn out too bad I thought.

Damn hole of dooms everywhere, you gotta be careful for them.

Stickya Adventurya

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