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Break the TV Released

Ahh do you smell that? that's the smell of a new game hitting the internet made by Eggy. Yes that's right. Just like a fresh summers day mmm. Oh you can't smell it? Oh well maybe I'm just going insane then hmm.

Break the T.V is a puzzle game based on chain reactions. I had the board game mouse trap in mind when I made it. It's nothing like that really but a similiar concept was used. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but that's ok it's still a great new experiment to see how this type of game goes being made in a simplistic way. I also went with the old black and white style graphics.

Play it, love it, caress it. Show your friends and then play it every day for the rest of your life ok go.

Break the TV

Permalink Posted in Game Releases by Eggy on Aug 23, 2013

Heli vs Tower Released

Hey guys, released my new game Heli vs Tower! A game where you see how far you can make it. Always liked that style of game. Also wanted to do something with helicopters going pew pew. It's a little simple. I think I might have to start expanding on these ideas now with upgrade systems. You can also eject out the helicopter to take over new helicopters to survive longer.

I think it turned out alright, a nice little time waster to see how far you get. Time will tell anyways as I watch the scores and reviews of it. I've been trying to get more into action games lately rather then comedy.

I've been making good progress and making more stuff lately, finally getting back into the swing of things after my long break and bad times through life. Getting on my feet and releasing new stuff again! it feels good. Feels like progress!

Every game is a new lesson to teach me new things about what works, what doesn't. Art and Programming lessons. Design ideas and what the general public likes. So I'm always happy when a new game is released. An exciting day! :)

My next game I'm gonna raise the bar and try a sidescroller shooter with destructible ground like I used in Draw-Play and Heaven and Hell. So stay tuned for that baby.

Also to the right is the Eggys Games facebook page to like! please give it a like for other random updates.

Heli vs Tower

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Silly Chicken Released

Just finished and released a new game called Silly Chicken it's a lot more comedy based. Wanted to make something a little less serious for fun. Poor little chicken being in love online! long distance relationships are really really tough, especially if you're a chicken! Comedy games don't do great for sponsorship really, but they are fun to make. So it's still worth it to get a good laugh out of people. Wasn't entirely sure on the text typing bit but I left it in anyways.

I'm getting back into the swing of things now, so except more games up and coming :) Next game will involve helicopters. Pew pew pew.

Silly Chicken

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Super Joe Released

Released a new game finally! Broken that long spell hah!

It's a small game to get me back in the swing of things called Super Joe Was a bit of a practice just coming up with a new weapon/spell idea each level. And about teaching someone small things.

Super Joe

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