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Redemption... or is it?

My next game is called Redemption, though the name might change later, hence the title of this post having or is it on it. Heh. If you check the Eggy's Games Facebook page you'll see a cool cover picture of the game. (Subtle hint that you should like the FB page) It's a sidescroller shooter with destructible ground that I use a lot. It's sorta become my thing now, I really love working with bitmap in Flash. I always like to see what kind of new thing I can do with it. This game is a bit bigger again. It's in the style of The infection but this time it's with stick figures and focus's more on upgrading as you go. I just seem to love the classic stick figure stuff still, so I wanna do it proper tribute with a nice shooting game but adding a little extra twist. So far it's going well and should be done in a little while.

In other news, after this game I'm going to upgrade and learn Actionscript 3. So hopefully my games will start being in that and should hopefully improve in the programming plus I can make the jump to doing mobile games easier.

Heres a screenshot of the engine so far

Silly Chicken

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Very Close

Unfair platformer 2 will be on the horizon after a few short games. I figure if I havn't released a game in ages, then once I do, I mise well do a big bang and release a few at once. Almost...there....uhhhgghgh...

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Silly Chicken

Silly chicken! He is so silly :) New game upcoming in a little while! Wanted to make something funny again.

Silly Chicken

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Starting Up or Slacking Down

So I have started work on a new egg game. Oh yes it's about time you're thinking shouting in glee. I figure I should try and do more egg games as well overall. It can be my "thing" sorta my trademark character in games :P I already drew up some new eggs, as you can see on the edges of the banner up top of my website. The one on the left with huge boobs is based off my girlfriends big boobs. Hey I had to keep it accurate right?

In the new game you have a giant egg that spits out smaller eggs that you use to attack the enemy with. I'm still deciding on wether to make it so you throw them or shoot them. Hmm so many egg decisions! It's so uhh..egg..eggwhelming....ok no that was a fail egg word. (Note to self, work on new egg words as well)

Now also to contradict everything I wrote above about working heaps, I can't stop watching Stargate Atlantis dammit. I get so addicted to these sci fi series. I thought I could distract myself and work, but that isn't gonna work, instead I'm gonna mass watch the episodes and finish it all off then get to work.

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