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Very Close

Unfair platformer 2 will be on the horizon after a few short games. I figure if I havn't released a game in ages, then once I do, I mise well do a big bang and release a few at once. Almost...there....uhhhgghgh...

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One thing I hate more than anything in this entire planet... is eczema. I was born with it very badly and lived through a bit of hell from it. I'd scratch myself to sleep every night and go to school the next day tired every day. Teachers always glared at me for being tired thinking I stayed up playing video games cause I was lazy. The irony was they were right and wrong at the same time. I did stay up playing video games, cause if I went to bed I'd be scratching.

Games as a kid to play kept my hands off my skin from scratching, kept my attention, learn't things and made me happier. Maybe thats what left me with all these ideas now to make them. Taking it a step up.

I'm writing about it now cause It's the hardest part of my life, I'm now 23 and still haven't grown out of it even though all doctors said I would. I eat super healthy, and must avoid cats, dogs, sugar, and a million other triggers. It's so painful sometimes I can't move my mouth. Once it clears up though for certain times of the year, I'm so happy and pain free. I enjoy these months to the fullest!

To anyone else out there with eczema, I feel your pain. Literally. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. Yet the irony is maybe I wouldn't making games if I didn't have it and would have went outside more. Hardest puzzle level of my life that question :P

~ I keep my posts brutally honest, theres no point sugar coating in these posts, people wanna know the real life story, not some excuses and boring posts vaguely mentioning why. Plus it's like a diary. ~

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Not Dead

It's been almost 2 years since I went MIA from the internet world. A lot's happened to me that really brought me down to a very depressive point in my life including losing my 3 year gf. It was very hard to even live at one point. But when you're truly down you realise whats important and to take that pain and turn it into something positive. I always come back to my games no matter what other job I tried and realised its just freedom to live and thats what really matters. Living your life in an accepting way and not denying what makes you happy.

It just takes a lot of work to get to what you most love, and for me thats working for myself and being my own boss, to live my life freely and happy doing what I love.

I've faced many setbacks but, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, mentally and physically.

To all artists looking for the reason why they procrastinate. It took me 2 years to find out the reason and thats because you have to work for what you love, wether its for a special gf, friend or family member. For the people around you sick of there crap jobs or just because you believe by making something new, from scratch, that it will truly benefit you and everyone around you. Then theres no hestiation or procrastination, just pure focus to truly make a change in this world.

- Eggy, Also known in my town as Bradley Erkelens, just a kid in a small town, with a tough background that he feeds off to make games.

~You've got one life, don't ignore them daydreams, live them or you'll never be happy.~

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Site Up..Again..

You may have noticed the website was down for a few months, I hadn't paid the host fees and only just got back round to it. I've been very busy and was without interwebs.

New zombie game coming soon

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