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I made a wallpaper for the site. I think I'll start a collection of downloads.

Put it up :D games VERY VERY VERY SOON!!!! AND MORE THEN ONE!! I don't want to make this the main news post about it though...

Right click open image for bigger picture. Resolution is 1280x960.

Eggys Games Wallpaper

Permalink Posted in Eggys Games News by Eggy on Jan 10, 2011

Minecraft Addiction

Well yes, as you can see no new games in a while. I guess I lost a lot of motivation for a while, but I'm trying to get it back and get something done! I've been playing Minecraft wayyy too much and letting out my creativity there instead of in flash games.. You can see the epic city I've been working on with friends here >

I also have had a game done for months but can't release due to some troubles, hopefully I do get that sorted and then maybe ill end up releasing two games at once!

Permalink Posted in Gaming by Eggy on Nov 3, 2010

Teaching for Money

Was thinking of maybe teaching Flash Game making to people as a one on one tutor for money. If anyone is interested, contact me via email or msn :)

Permalink Posted in Eggys Games News by Eggy on Sep 15, 2010

Bounce Madness Released

New game out finally called Bounce Madness It's a bit of a twist on pong in a way. Nice and simple high scores game :)

Bounce Madness

Permalink Posted in Game Releases by Eggy on Jun 3, 2010

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