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Deleted Older Games

Since I've been making new games again and my quality is slowly getting better it was time to remove some of my older games from my website. These games had glitches, bad graphics and just looked like tests. I deleted the following games -

Soul Fishing
Pier and the Big Black Hole
Run Run Shoot
Micro Blaster

All these games pretty much looked like test games as practice when I first started so it was time to move on. I was torn between deleting Fur Ball and Hyper Square however fur ball is in my main logo so that one can remain for now, and I always like the premise behind Hyper Square. These 2 can remain down the bottom. These games I deleted are still playable on my Newgrounds/Kongregate account however if you're curious on my older stuff for the people curious to how bad I was before practicing :P But it's time to keep my collection here my stuff that reflects my main good quality work. Plus by deleting these it allows me to perhaps remake the idea later on as a much better playable game.

Moving on moving on!

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Total Game Views

Some interesting total view data you other devs may be interested in for my top games. I use to record every flash view the game gets over the internet. Very handy for seeing which games are doing the best. Also shows how many websites it is hosted on. Below is my top games in views shown so you's can get a rough idea.

In order of the most views to the least >

The Unfair Platformer - 23 million views / 7800 hosts
Nodes - 11 million views / 6400 hosts
The Egg - 11 million views / 2100 hosts
Draw-Play 3 - 9 million views / 4800 hosts
The Infection - 9 million views / 4100 hosts
Knights Castle - 6 million views / 5600 hosts
Nodes 2 - 4 million views / 3900 hosts
The Tower - 4 million views / 4300 hosts
Mouse Under Siege - 4 million views / 3500 hosts
Heaven and Hell - 4 million views / 1100 hosts
Last Egg Alive - 3 million views / 2500 hosts
Enigma - 2 million views / 2900 hosts

Interesting stuff, as you can see The Unfair Platformer went super viral in popularity from the funny and amusing concept. My next game only matches half its views! that's an incredibly huge difference. Shooters seem to do the next best in popularity followed closely by my puzzle games such as The Egg and Nodes. This is always a good guide to look at which games do best that I should start making more games closely following these and try and make something as good as The Unfair Platformer again.

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Silly Chicken Released

Just finished and released a new game called Silly Chicken it's a lot more comedy based. Wanted to make something a little less serious for fun. Poor little chicken being in love online! long distance relationships are really really tough, especially if you're a chicken! Comedy games don't do great for sponsorship really, but they are fun to make. So it's still worth it to get a good laugh out of people. Wasn't entirely sure on the text typing bit but I left it in anyways.

I'm getting back into the swing of things now, so except more games up and coming :) Next game will involve helicopters. Pew pew pew.

Silly Chicken

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This is still sort of AS2 I'm not sure the syntax translation to AS3 but the same principles can apply.


This really saves a lot of coding, it's not always efficient or practical for something complicated, but if you're in a rush or need to make a work around for a bug then this is a huge solution for doing things.

For example if you want a door to unlock when a key is touched. Simply make the key disappear on the 2nd frame by deleting it and have the door check if the key is now on frame 2.

You can make nearly any action happen this way. Hit tests can be combined with what frame the character is on as well to solve problems.

I tend to make the movieclip do something on the 2nd frame then just refer to that with _currentframe whenever it starts to do something.

I use this a lot for cutting down complicated code in half the time. Very useful.

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