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Websites That Share Ad Revenue

Theres a lot of websites that share ad revenue with the developers. If you make games then submitting to these websites is a must as they bring in a nice extra stream of income, specially if your games get features. So I'll list the best ones I know of and what I've made so far.

This website is a must if you make flash games! one of the biggest flash game sites on the net. They bring in a great amount of revenue. Most of my ad revenue came from The Unfair Platformer here because it was so popular. Games on this website also feature badges. So add the API to every game you submit because this increase your ad revenue by 10% as well as put your game in the running to get badges which will bring in a lot more plays. Your games can also win competitions. If your game gets frontpaged I can garuntee around $20-50 a day ad revenue. Unfortunately smaller games that don't get attention will make only a few dollars total.

In six years Kongregate has made me $4,000

Pretty much the biggest flash site out there. Unlike Kongregate that only takes games, Newgrounds will also give ad revenue for flash movies. Unlike Kongregate the ad revenue is a lot lower and harder to get here, but it will still bring in a decent amount if your game wins awards or is frontpaged. Newgrounds is great if people fan you because all new games/movies you submit will show up to them in there news feed and get you extra views.

In six years Newgrounds has made me $500. Some from ad revenue and some from winning game competitions.

This website Is more newer and I found only a few months ago so I don't know how well my ad revenue will do here. GameJolt is also more focused on Indie games made with full .exe based games. Flash isn't as popular but is still allowed.

So far the website has only made me 87 cents in 2 months. This would be a lot higher for games with more views and non-flash games.

There are others out there, but they require adding there API that which puts logos in there game. I don't really like changing my game logos so I don't use them but they are worth looking up if it's something you don't mind doing.

These websites are just a small bonus that can be made on the side of your sponsorship and main game revenue. Being more active on the websites will also help bring in more fans and attention to your profile and increase future views for games.

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A major step to making games is to remain optimistic and keep on dreaming. The fact is indie game development is not an easy career to take. In fact most people will end up broke and only keeping it as a hobby. Even though I myself have been successful in the past, it's slowing down a lot now. I will have to evolve a few things with the times like getting onto mobile. Either way that means you have to keep staying optimistic and keep your eye on the prize. If you can forget about the money and just enjoy the game making then you will do a lot better.

Work on an idea you love and slowly build it up from the ground and eventually you will have a great adventure for people to play. None of these great games are done as quick as you think. Just add a little bit each time and don't stress out or put yourself down. You will quickly head towards burnout otherwise. A lot of game devs burn out thinking they can survive on simply heart and mi goreng. Even though you can get pretty far doing this. Trust me, you will hit a wall after a time.

I leave you with this great picture to inspire you. (Right click open image on it for bigger size)


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Level Made From Drawing

Normally I don't work this way. I don't actually plan much of my stuff on paper. I rather just scribble a notepad of ideas then just go at it! but sometimes I like to do things the nice old fashioned way when you got something in your head. So heres a good example, I drew a level on paper then I programmed the The Last Alive platformer guy in. This was originally going to be a game before I stopped working on it. Maybe one day it will get taken back up, but not for a while so you's mise well check it out. Hopefully this inspires you to make your own level based off a drawing.

Play the engine here (Select level 1. Arrow keys to move) -

Heres my original drawing -


And heres the final version, right click open image for bigger view

Level Finished

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Just Finish it!

Finishing a simple small game is better than having 9,999 small projects you never finish. That's my opinion. The hardest part of game making is finishing the damn game. The first 50% is always smooth and fun. Ideas flow out quicker and easier then soft serve icecream. Yet once you throw all your mash of ideas in and need to start doing some "real coding" not just prototyping. Then all of a sudden your motivation hits a wall faster than a kamikaze plane.

This is when you gotta push though. I guarantee you'll learn more about game making by finishing that game off. Those final polishing teaks give you so much information back on what's popular and what will do. Even if the game you release is a failure and lots of people don't like it, it still gives you valuable information about your audience and what to work on next. Basically finishing a game gives you your kick start to game making. You gotta take it from there.

I finished a few small test games in school for fun. More practice than anything, but it wasn't till I finished Draw-Play and got it sponsored that I really got the biggest motivation boost possible. It was my first sponsored game, I only got $400 which is ironic because I've gotten thousands for bigger games that have done a lot worse. When it's your first sponsor deal you will get offered a lot less. You have to start somewhere. I then went on to sell the sequels for thousands though and so begun my game making.

FINISH YOUR GAME. Even if you have to force your eyes open. Stab your leg with a pen to force ideas out. Drink copious amounts of coffee to stay focused. Just get it done. Once done you will feel this enourmous burden lift off your shoulders and you realise you could have made it so much better. Finish it, don't realease it just yet, polish it and watch as the last 10% of your game you finish truly makes it shine.


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