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Just Finish it!

Finishing a simple small game is better than having 9,999 small projects you never finish. That's my opinion. The hardest part of game making is finishing the damn game. The first 50% is always smooth and fun. Ideas flow out quicker and easier then soft serve icecream. Yet once you throw all your mash of ideas in and need to start doing some "real coding" not just prototyping. Then all of a sudden your motivation hits a wall faster than a kamikaze plane.

This is when you gotta push though. I guarantee you'll learn more about game making by finishing that game off. Those final polishing teaks give you so much information back on what's popular and what will do. Even if the game you release is a failure and lots of people don't like it, it still gives you valuable information about your audience and what to work on next. Basically finishing a game gives you your kick start to game making. You gotta take it from there.

I finished a few small test games in school for fun. More practice than anything, but it wasn't till I finished Draw-Play and got it sponsored that I really got the biggest motivation boost possible. It was my first sponsored game, I only got $400 which is ironic because I've gotten thousands for bigger games that have done a lot worse. When it's your first sponsor deal you will get offered a lot less. You have to start somewhere. I then went on to sell the sequels for thousands though and so begun my game making.

FINISH YOUR GAME. Even if you have to force your eyes open. Stab your leg with a pen to force ideas out. Drink copious amounts of coffee to stay focused. Just get it done. Once done you will feel this enourmous burden lift off your shoulders and you realise you could have made it so much better. Finish it, don't realease it just yet, polish it and watch as the last 10% of your game you finish truly makes it shine.


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20 Screenshots

20 screenshots of my games put together in one picture. Looks quite good I reckon. Check it out on the facebook page for the bigger version.

Eggys Games

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Redemption... or is it?

My next game is called Redemption, though the name might change later, hence the title of this post having or is it on it. Heh. If you check the Eggy's Games Facebook page you'll see a cool cover picture of the game. (Subtle hint that you should like the FB page) It's a sidescroller shooter with destructible ground that I use a lot. It's sorta become my thing now, I really love working with bitmap in Flash. I always like to see what kind of new thing I can do with it. This game is a bit bigger again. It's in the style of The infection but this time it's with stick figures and focus's more on upgrading as you go. I just seem to love the classic stick figure stuff still, so I wanna do it proper tribute with a nice shooting game but adding a little extra twist. So far it's going well and should be done in a little while.

In other news, after this game I'm going to upgrade and learn Actionscript 3. So hopefully my games will start being in that and should hopefully improve in the programming plus I can make the jump to doing mobile games easier.

Heres a screenshot of the engine so far

Silly Chicken

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Break the TV Released

Ahh do you smell that? that's the smell of a new game hitting the internet made by Eggy. Yes that's right. Just like a fresh summers day mmm. Oh you can't smell it? Oh well maybe I'm just going insane then hmm.

Break the T.V is a puzzle game based on chain reactions. I had the board game mouse trap in mind when I made it. It's nothing like that really but a similiar concept was used. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but that's ok it's still a great new experiment to see how this type of game goes being made in a simplistic way. I also went with the old black and white style graphics.

Play it, love it, caress it. Show your friends and then play it every day for the rest of your life ok go.

Break the TV

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