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Quit My Old Job!

I quit my job at Coles. I’m a free man! horay. YES *Jumps in the air* *Does a backflip* Ok so I didn’t do the backflip because I can’t, and if I did I’d probably die….but you get the point. I went into work like usual, was working for an hour and realised I hated being there so much, and there wasn’t much point for me being here anymore. So I went up to the desk and said I’m quitting and left at the end of the shift :)

Sorry but no more old work stories now :( We’ll all miss them.

Now I’ll be focusing on my games more for income and rummaging through peoples garbage. Both have there equal shares of satisfaction.

Oh and I also moved outta home with a friend and his gf. Pretty cool so far.

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No, you do it

So it’s near easter and this lady puts a fair bit of shopping up.

Woman : Do you have any wrapping paper?
Me : Yeah just there at the service desk

First i’ll explain, i’m on the checkout RIGHT next to the service desk, like literally 1 metre away.

Woman : Could you get someone to get it for me please
Me : Ahh its right there, you could just quickly reach—
Me : Sure..

I’m just dumbstruck, it’s 1 metre away YOU LAZY BITCH! seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. You can cart your lazy fat ass through the shops to get your shopping…but not reach 1 metre??! are you fucking serious.

So yes I call someone up to get it….the person who gets the wrapping paper gives me a strange look like im the idiot…yeah well fuck you too.

And after we finally pay for it everything she saids

Woman : Goodbye
Me : …
Me : OK
Woman : WELL
Me : Yes, Goodbye *turn around*

she gives me a dirty look…..seriously….I hate you people!

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This happened to the “guy” next to me while we were presentating shelfs.

Woman : Excuse me, do you know if these tampons are any good?
Work Guy : Errrrrrrrrr……………I honestly woudn’t know……..
Woman : Oh ok then.

I looked at him and burst out laughing.

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Too Expensive

One lady through my checkout had a total of about 5 things. Something scans at 77c. Instantly she is outraged and demands that the price was 76c. I stare blankly at her for a second thinking she must be joking. She didn’t take kindly to my look. It must have have clearly shown…..What the fuck is wrong with you.

Me : Oh…ahh…are you sure?
Woman : Of course i’m bloody sure, IT WAS 76c!
Me : Ok….i’ll get someone to check it.

Now who the fuck winges about 1c, she had 3 of the item, so granted…it was….an extra 3c, rounded up to 5c. I would have thrown her 10c and said “Keep the change” if I wasn’t scared she’d probably dob me into the manager.

So the grocery assistant comes back and…indeed she was right, so i change the amount, all the time not saying much and she looks at me and saids “WELL I HAVE 2 KIDS TO FEED, EVERY CENT COUNTS”

Yeah, luckily she checked the price or they woulda’ starved for a week.

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