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Where’s My Fucking Drink!

Drew picks me up and we start driving to the party, in the car is me, Drew, Josh and Arun. I hadn’t seen Arun drunk yet so I thought this should be awesome to see. Lo and behold, it was.

On the way there we stopped to pick up Drews Brother so he could follow us, then we headed back off. We pulled in, put the drinks in the car boot and headed into the party. Wasn’t too bad so far. Groups of people standing around outside, just hanging around, and a few under the cover bit near the music and the supposed “dancefloor”

Drinks into the night it started getting interesting. Arun was now confident and going up to chicks, I myself was also attempting to….going poorly at that. Further into the night is where is started getting interesting.

Arun being 110% completely drunk.

Arun : “I’m gonna go up two them 2 chicks and tell them how awesome I am.”
Me : “No No Arun, you gotta be cool about it.”
Arun : “Ok, I’ll tell them I’m awesome AND Cool.”

Needless to say he failed.

I watched as Arun jumped in front of a few chicks walking by and said “heyyy!!” they looked at him and walked past him. Arun would start yelling “BITCHES FUCKEN BITCHES SLUT GODDAM BITCHES”

We walked back up to Drew’s car and Arun demanded another beer. At this point he was swaying, falling over and could barely think. Yep, this was Arun drunk, AND DAMN IT WAS FUNNY!!

Drew : “I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink..”
Drew : “FINE, I’ll open the boot, if you can find your beer then you can have it.”
*Drew opens the boot*

I coudn’t say anymore on the account of leaning against another car pissing myself laughing.

*Arun falls into the boot*

Arun : *Whining sound* It’s not fair…why are you doing this….FUCKFUCKING!!

*Arun picks up a VB he finds*

*Arun then smashes it against the ground*

Best moment of the night, wayyyy tooo funny. So we head back down, Arun kinda dissapears, which we didn’t find out till later that Josh took him home in a taxi which he had a massive hangover the next day.

I go up to a hot girl and use Arun as an excuse,

Me : “Have you seen my friend Arun?”
Girl : “Umm no, whats he look like?”
Me : “He’s got brown hair and a whitish shirt on”
Girl : “And what else?”
Me : “Well umm thats it”
Girl : “I can’t find him with only knowing that”
Me : “Yes you can geez! Help me find him”
Girl : *She looks around* Well i dunno!! be more specific!
Me : I gave you enough information! try harder
Girl : I can’t

But she was smiling and laughing…then some other guy buts in and that was the end of that….

I go into the bush to pee, I keep walking further in, its dark and I can’t see anymore, then all of a sudden my foot drops, then drops more, and I fall into some ditch. I do my pee and go back to my friends and tell them theres a ditch out there and don’t be stupid and do something like fall into it.

I tell Drew to see if he can do a backflip while he’s drunk, he sighs and does it. I decide to see if I can frontflip just to see if i could do it. I do it, but didn’t relise till the next day that I hadn’t landed on my feet, rather my tailbone, and it hurt in the morning :(

We try dancing with some chicks, By now I had drank 6 cougarsXX and was very drunk but was strangly not staggering much. Meh whatever… I dance hopelessy near some chicks.

One girl was looking around and then turns around and looks at me, I say Hi, she sighs and turns around and walks away, Gee thanks.

I dance with some girl for a while, from what I remember i had my hands down her front, while dancing, though i’m not too sure now wether it was part of the dancing or she thought i was just groping her. Oh well… She stops dancing, and tells me she’s gonna go and will come back. I say ok and wait there. She doesn’t come back.

I walk up into the house, theres hot food, i down like 5 pie things in chilli sauce. Before heading back to Drews car opening the door and falling asleep in the front seat.

I wake up an hour later open the door and throw up the cougar and pie things. Then fall back asleep.

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Aruns 18th

7:00pm – Arun picks me up, we go buy drinks & chips
7:05pm – We arrive at Aruns house and wait for Arun to eat dinner
7:30pm – Arun places his $60 scotch in front of Joshs car
7:32pm – Josh runs over the $60 of scotch Arun put in front of the car
7:33pm – I laugh while they are pissed
7:40pm – We pick up Alex, James & Matt
7:50pm – We look at the dent in Matts car where he hit a Kangaroo
8:00pm – We arrive at my house
8:30pm – They whine theres no ice and go get some taking 15mins
9:00pm – We begin poker, I lose badly, Matt wins most our money..
10:00pm – Josh & Alex leave cause there sooks
10:30pm – more drinking and trashing my house, James leaves
11:00pm – We decide to walk to middleton beach!
11:30pm – We part with Matt who walks home
12:00pm – We begin our adventure, it seemed like a good idea at the time
1:00am – We stop at the 24hour shop, I lean on the glass looking at sandwhichs, the person there tells me off for leaning on the glass.
1:05am – I inform Arun the 24 hour shop guy is a dick
3:30am – We arrive at the beach, I throw up beside the bin
4:00am – We sleep on the beach
5:00am – We wake up freezing cold…and start walking back…i feel sick
5:30am – We decide it would be a good idea to bury my 1/4 bottle of cougar i have left
6:15am – We arrive at Mcdonalds, Arun looks perfectly fine and eats heaps..
6:40am – We leave Mcdonalds to walk back to my house
8:00am – We make it home alive

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Leavers is the week of celebration for kids that leave high school, its all about partying and getting drunk.

The highlights of leavers

- A guy skulling a bottle of jim bean and then going to hospital
- A guy screaming pigs at passing police and being put in back of padywagon
- Taylor and Wazza having a skulling comp, Wazza then stopping ad jet puking
- Drew drunk at lunch screaming, being drunk in the day is awesome!!! about 999 times..
- Later on Drew half- passed out rolling on the ground screaming at anyone that said his name
- Me telling the christians i didn’t have alcohol mixed in my fanta, then 2 hours later
puking up in there tenta before passing out
- Wazza stealing beers while the guy is watching and telling us to run
- Wazza trying to steal a strobe light right in front of the people
- Wazza trying to steal a inflateable pool
- Wazza punching stampy in the face, then stampy and taylor egging and toilet paper over
his car
- The state of our campsite at the end of every night….
- On the last night just falling asleep in the middle of party cause i was so tired
- Almost getting in fight with a guy cause I told him to change the music from rap to
something better
- A guy getting stabbed in the leg with a cricket wicket
- A guy breaking his collar playing cricket
- Stampy so drunk he told Stevie to suck his dick, and trying to jump on her
- Taylor putting tomato sauce in the shape of a dick on his sunburnt back while he’s passed out
- Michael leading an entire 500 people rampaging around screaming
- Me coming fucking 2nd in a random game of Uno that I can’t remember how i got there
- Drew sending girls into the guys bathroom while I was trying to pee and them all flocking
in and looking at me peeing
- Over the course of leavers drinking 3 bottles of vodka, 1 bottle of rum and other random stuff
- A girl telling me I looked fucking 13, grrr..
- Guys trying to sell me drugs with no good reasons at all
- The amount of people that tried to steal out fluro lights while walking
- Waking up to the sound of Michael dry retching was always pleasent
- Me and Drew talking to 2 girls in there cabin then their friend coming back screaming at us to get out, i refuse out of spite, more screaming, till I give up and leave.
- Wazza asking me to sweet talk the girl giving out pancakes so he can get more…
- 2 nights I just dont have any recollection of at all…

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I’m alive yay

A night made up of ridiculous events…

- Got asked for ID about 10 times in the night
- Seeing my old high school teacher completely drunk, he buys everyone a shot
- Me telling someone I hate them more than anyone else in the world…
- Another different drunk teacher buying me a shot
- Walking home while completely drunk…..which is a 1-2 hour walk
- Falling into a drain…pants now smell very bad….
- Getting home, putting chicken tenders in the oven…but then fell asleep
- Wake up with the house smelling like smoke and chicken, in the oven is black charcoal…..luckily the house didn’t burn down

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