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The Catapocalypse

Look at some time in our lives we've got to ask ourselves what do we do in the catapocalypse!!?! It's coming. It's real. Zombie cats will rule the earth one day. You've got to be prepared. So I made this game engine where you can kill the zombie cats. Don't worry cat lovers, they're not cute cats. They are ZOMBIE CATS. So when you run upwards and grab the blender then go back out the house and blend the cats don't feel bad at all! Yes you can blend them, all is fair in cat war.

Sometimes I'm amazed at what ridiculous engines I make that don't go anywhere. Funny though.

Play the engine below. Arrow keys to move. Space to kick or to use blender. E to pickup blender.


Permalink Posted in Unfinished by Eggy on Nov 9, 2013


I'm a big fan of sci-fi, I love Stargate, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica etc. So I made this once while watching heaps of it in a row. I'd love to make a game like this one day to do the big space battles, but make it a lot more detailed. Heres a basic engine anyways, the sounds a little dramatic so be careful of that hah.

Play the engine below. Arrow keys to move. Click to shoot.

Space Ship

Permalink Posted in Unfinished by Eggy on Nov 3, 2013

World of Blob

So continuing my latest posts on my unfinished engines, heres another one. I thought i would put these to use by showing them to people for inspiration/ideas rather than sitting in my folder and never get finished. Though I always remain hopeful they day..... maybe..........perhaps.................probably not

This game was based on sort of a 2D spore game. You eat stuff and the screen slowly zooms out. A fun little engine but wasn't sure wether to make it a full game. I liked having the monsters blurred in the background. Maybe eventually you'd eat the entire world. Would be cool to see this expanded on by me or someone else.

Click below to play the engine. WASD to move. Space to eat.

World of Blob

Permalink Posted in Unfinished by Eggy on Oct 28, 2013

Blob Adventure

One day I wanna make a game in this black and white style. I made this little engine a while ago. Really want to finish it into a game one day. The black and white colour that's been done in other games has always been a favourite of mine. Also I wanted to make a monster that slowly evolves.

Click link below to play the engine. Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to eat.

Blob Game

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