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Sound Variance

So a neat little trick when adding sound in games is randomising the pitch so one sound effect turns into 10. This means the user will always here a slightly different tone and it makes it feel like their is more sound effects added and gives it a more realistic effect. The volume is also using Unitys audio listeners to make the sound volume lower when you are further away, giving a proper ambience. The code below highlighted shows this, you'll also notice the sound doesn't activate unless the object is hit at a higher speed, this is good for only activating the sound effect when you push it over or it falls rather then simply touching it gently.

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Darker Levels and Lighting

World 2 for Eggys Big Adventure uses a darker level tone in the forest, this has enabled me to focus on making the lights stand out. Good lighting is always nice and Unity has some good lighting effects to really spruce things up as you can see in the pic below, the streetlight adds a nice ambience to the forest level, also the fact it doesn't belong it's good for adding surrealism to your scene. Don't be afraid to put weird things in weird places in games. Out of place can sometimes feel in place.

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Cutscene Design

Gone for a new type of design style to show the cutscene in Eggys Big Adventure. I always like to mix it up and try new things, this one I quite like. I put all the comic style pictures into frames and the screen scrolls through them as they float in a 3D space. Kind of like viewing an art gallery. The end result came out quite good and unique looking. Quite happy about it.

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Mass Bradleys!

I decided to push the bounds of Unitys engine by spawning mass objects of my head. Amazingly hardly any performance issues at all! Even with so many objects interacting. It's hugely better then Flash. I made a video of it and uploaded so you can see the mass Bradley heads all interacting with each other and bouncing off each other! It's pretty cool. I'm very impressed with the Unity engine being able to handle it, however I guess since Unity is meant for 3D it won't have much problem with lag.

However I did run into lag when I was making huge sprite backgrounds, which is ironically strange because I didn't think that would be a big deal.

You can view the funny video of mass heads below on youtube as shown in the picture below >

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