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Arcalona is the name of my new island game and its making great progress. The graphics have been hugely updated and changed to sky islands. Theres also an inventory system and full spell tree. The game will be huge! stay tuned its 70% done!

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Arcalona Buildings Arcalona Arcalona Arcalona Battle

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Multiplayer Island Game

So my new game I'm working on is going to be a multiplayer Island game available on Flash and for Mobile. You'll login and slowly build up your base and be able to attack other players! It's still in the early stages but it's looking cool already and is something I havn't tackled before. Starting to get out of my comfort zone more. For now I'll refer to it as the Island Game.

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Eggys Death Chamber

A new game is in the works called Eggy's Death Chamber! Eggy, AKA, Me. Will be trying my damn best to kill you with a bunch of eggs. It's gonna be up to you to survive. Theres gonna be a lot of types of eggs and upgrades too. Should be a fun game!

Also got a 2nd job working at the BP Servo, which is great. Means I can work APL at nights and then random hours of BP around them, usually at night time. Having more money is allowing me to get a lot more done and work on my games without any financial stress. Which is one of the biggest stresses in life we have!

I'm also going to be putting a bit more effort into Eggy's Games this year. So make sure you bookmark the website! OR ELSE AN EGG NINJA WILL BE DEPLOYED TO YOUR HOUSE. Trust me, you don't want that.

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Egg Domination

So another game besides Redemption I been working on is Egg Domination. This game is one of them numbers going up games. You'll have to make as many eggs as possible and then use the eggs to buy upgrades and weapons for your hero egg and army egg to take over the world. The screenshot below will have to give you an idea of it. It's also got a few RTS elements in it. Definitely a different project, it's been fun.

Egg Domination

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