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Arcalona Released

My new game Arcalona is now released! my biggest ever Flash Game. Play it below!

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So I've started streaming my game making on Twitch! if you'd like to watch one of my games being made, head on over and hit follow to make sure you see me when im Live!

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Arcalona is the name of my new island game and its making great progress. The graphics have been hugely updated and changed to sky islands. Theres also an inventory system and full spell tree. The game will be huge! stay tuned its 70% done!

Patreons get access to beta testing. Become a Patreon here >

Arcalona Buildings Arcalona Arcalona Arcalona Battle

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Island Game RTS/RPG

My new island RPG/RTS Game is making good progress. Not only is it an island RTS game where you build up your base (You can select where the buildings go) But also an RPG game where you will level up your heroes as you unlock spells and more quests. It's the biggest game I've made to date, it's taking a while but's slowly making some good progress. Heres a few teaser pictures.

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