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Moving On

My new game Arcalona has been a great success. Played over 100,000 times in just 5 days! It was a long game to make. RPG's are not easy, especially not in Flash. I'm most proud of it though, it took a lot of work but it paid off. Theres a few bugs I needa go through and fix, I kinda rushed it out but I was too excited after working on it so long.

Sadly that was my last ever Flash Game, but don't worry I'm not stopping games! I'm now just moving onto Unity. Due to Flash now slowly dying out in the online world and will not be supported in the future. This is sad as I've been using Flash for over 10 years, but it's also good as Unity is very powerful and teaching me to make bigger 3D games now. Which is cool to be able to play in your browser.

So it was good to leave on a big note with Arcalona. My Sistine Chapel. My crowning achievement of 10 years in the Flash world which taught me a lot about game design which I can now use in Unity.

Stay tuned for exciting bigger games to come!

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Arcalona Released

My new game Arcalona is now released! my biggest ever Flash Game. Play it below!

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So I've started streaming my game making on Twitch! if you'd like to watch one of my games being made, head on over and hit follow to make sure you see me when im Live!

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Arcalona is the name of my new island game and its making great progress. The graphics have been hugely updated and changed to sky islands. Theres also an inventory system and full spell tree. The game will be huge! stay tuned its 70% done!

Patreons get access to beta testing. Become a Patreon here >

Arcalona Buildings Arcalona Arcalona Arcalona Battle

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